Test Data Architecture and Technology

In this episode of Test Data Strategy at The Enterprise, Rich Jordan considers the commonly explored question of how to best extract and inject data into your organisations technologies.

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Specturm of Technologies

Organisations will have a spectrum of technologies, both old and new.

Taking the architectural principle of Loose Coupling could this help managing integrated systems, ie, going from Mainframe to SQL, then to NoSQL databases, or be a useful principle for such an event streaming architecture like Kafka or a Microservices architecture?

Ultimately, do you know what are your organisation’s core technologies which hold data and how they relate to any architectural principles already implemented?

The benefit is that you’ll be concentrating test effort and minimising the volume of test Data needed. 

The Test Data at The Enterprise series provides a POV on overcoming the much-cited industry analysis of Test Data being as one of the biggest blockers to fast and effective testing within organisations today. Watch the rest of the series below.


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