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Test Modeller

Test Modeller's Latest Release Notes - March 28th 2023

Welcome to Curiosity's latest Test Modeller Release Notes blog!

Test Modeller's Latest Release Notes - March 14th 2023

Welcome to Curiosity's brand-new releases blog for Test Modeller!

Mobile test automation - 5 mistakes to avoid

Welcome to Part 3/5 in our “Scalable Mobile Test Automation” series.

So far, we’ve seen how testing...

Just how complex is mobile testing?

Welcome to Part 2/5 in our “Scalable Mobile Test Automation” series.

Part 1 set out the seismic...

Mobile: A growing gap in your test automation strategy?

As traffic fast shifts to mobile devices, you can’t wait for users to discover gaps in your testing...

How Model-Based Testing Fulfils The promise of AI Testing

There is no longer any doubt in the industry that test automation is beneficial to development; in...

Curiosity and EVERFI publish their finalist entry to the North American Software Testing Awards

The project, shortlisted for the "Best Use of Technology in a Project", reduced the time needed to...

Continuous Development: Building the thing right, to build the right thing

Test Automation is vital to any organisation wanting to adopt Agile or DevOps, or simply wanting to...

Use SDLC Traceability to Fix Test Automation

The increased demand for new software, faster delivery and better quality calls for greater...

Automated Test Case Design is Key for CI/CD

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployment (CD) pipelines have...