Test Data Delivery Methodology & Test Approach

In this episode of Test Data Strategy at The Enterprise, Rich Jordan explores what your organisation needs to consider when exploring test data delivery and test approach.

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Provisioning Test Data

With many organisations working in an agile methodology of some capacity, ie, two-week sprints, an effective Test Data Strategy also needs to be agile in delivering to those same timelines.

Rich Jordan, highlights the importance of challenging your test team’s scope and also ensuring communication between the test team and those responsible for provisioning test data is sufficient.

Usually, data can be shored up by having a good understanding of the system under test. A final thought for consideration is can you identify the delivery methodology your test teams are currently using and to what extent your Test Data Strategy aligns to it?

The Test Data at The Enterprise series provides a POV on overcoming the much-cited industry analysis of Test Data being as one of the biggest blockers to fast and effective testing within organisations today. Watch the rest of the series below.


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