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An Open Testing Platform is a collaboration hub that assists testers to keep pace with change




Don't let changes take you by SURPRISE!  Keep informed about critical changes in the environment that impact WHAT YOU NEED TO TEST.



Reuse test logic, minimize maintenance and AUTO-GENERATE TEST SCRIPTS for 100 different tools including Selenium, Cypress, Appium, and many more.



Eliminate manual tasks - From requirements analysis to TEST DATA AUTOMATION accelerate the tasks which delay software testing. 

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Open Testing Platform

Baseline copyCuriosity Baseline

An early warning system for testers

Baseline allows any tester (technical or non-technical) to access data, correlate observations, and automate actions.  It leverages your organization’s existing systems and tools, unlocking information that impacts the sprint.  

- Highlight risks by analyzing data

- Get alerts of changes that impact the current sprint

- Understand changes in application dependencies

- Receive notifications about environment changes


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Single layer copyTest      Modeller

A digital twin of critical business transactions

Test Modeller provides DevTest teams with a central hub to collaborate on WHAT needs to be tested. Reuse test logic and auto-generate tests scripts for over 100 testing tools including Selenium, Cypress, Appium and many more.  

- Unlock your test logic 

- Reuse tests and radically reduce maintenance overhead

- Auto-generate tests for ANY tool - No tool lock-in

- Optimize in-sprint testing by testing what matters most






TDA copy Test Data Automation

A dynamic link to production-like data 

Test Data Automation has radically changed.  A new "learning system" transforms the older test data management approach delivering secure, reliable, compliant test data at DevOps speed.

- Integrate test data in real-time 

- Generate only what's needed - Don't boil the ocean

- Optimize the reuse data with a dynamic catalog

- Achieve significantly more intelligent test coverage


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 Curiosity  Connect

The avenue to "OPEN"

Way beyond offering an API for integration, Curiosity Connect is an advanced workflow engine that gives you the flexibility to connect data, tools, and workflow.  It's the single best weapon against vendor lock-in and it offers built-in connectors for the software testing lifecycle.  

- Unlock your data

- Automate software testing sub-tasks

- Connect information across applications

- Integrate workflow with unparalleled control


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Clear and complete specifications 

Reduce costly bug creation.

Optimised test cases 

Catch more defects first time round.


Compliant test data for every test 

Available when testers need it.


Rigorous automated tests

Can be executed across open source, commercial, or homegrown frameworks.


Convert DevOps data into rigorous automated tests

Discover how an Open Testing Platform analyses data from across the whole application delivery lifecycle, identifying and generating the tests needed in-sprint.

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