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Ostia is an Irish based company with customers in over a dozen countries in a variety of sectors including Financial Services, Government and Logistics.

Ostia is an innovative supplier of technology that supports agile development, iterative testing and validation of business solutions which enables institutions to deliver new products to market faster, at reduced cost and with less risk.

Ostia’s Portus EVS Framework delivers dynamic service virtualization in the form of simulated test systems and sandboxes on demand. Unlike traditional ‘Record/Replay’ systems, EVS can provide simulated contextual request/response interaction while also providing the ability to generate comprehensive sets of synthetic data based on service structures, providing a fully customizable approach to creating virtual services.

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Model-Based Test Automation for the mainframe

Watch this example of rigorous testing an HR Process involving DB2 and VSAM to learn how end-to-end mainframe tests can be designed and maintained rapidly from simple flowchart models. You will see how: 

  1. Easy-to-use flowcharts design complete test cases visually, mapping the end-to-end journeys that data can flow through joined-up mainframe data sources.

  2. A transparency layer created by Ostia’s Portus enables the tests to interact with all major mainframe data sources, including DB2, VSAM, Q\ISAM, IMS, CICS and MQ. 

  3. Calls to mainframe data sources defined quickly at the model level using a simple form to specify how test steps (blocks) should add, update, read, and delete data. 

Generate end-to-end tests and complete test data rapidly, executing them in a single click across multiple mainframe data sources. Test Modeller makes mainframe test design simple, using a transparency layer to interact with all major mainframe systems. Define comprehensive test cases and dynamic test data in easy-to-use flowcharts, executing optimised tests using a range of open source, homegrown, and commercial frameworks. 


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