Test Modeller in 2 Minutes

With Test Modeller, system designers, testers and developers collaborate from quick-to-build flowcharts, delivering accurately built, fully tested software in short sprints.

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Design, Develop and Test Better Software

Test Modellers brings technical and business users into close collaboration, auto-generating up-to-date specifications with matching test suites. Requirement and test importers combine with system scanners to build complete flowcharts of the system under test, applying automated algorithms to generate the smallest number of tests needed for rigorous testing. Comprehensive data generation functions and a re-usable test data catalogue ensure that every automated test comes equipped with the data it needs, resolved “just in time” for parallel and continuous test execution.

Seamless integration with coded automation frameworks generate bespoke test scripts for complex systems, all while retaining the simplicity of visual test design. Business analysts, product owners and ‘business testers can collaborate with automation engineers, rigorously testing complex systems in short iterations. Updating the models as the system requirements change maintains the specifications, test cases, and automated tests in seconds, rapidly delivering accurately built, fully tested software.


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