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Flow-Driven Test Generation for Tricentis Tosca

Maintain Rigorous In-Sprint Tests using Test Modeller

Test Modeller generates rigorous tests and data from flowcharts that are quick-to-build and easy-to-maintain, pushed automatically to Tricentis Tosca for in-sprint test automation. Cross-functional teams can minimise the bottlenecks associated with manual test creation and maintenance, delivering accurately built and fully tested software in short iterations.

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Manual test creation exposes critical systems to avoidable risk

Many technologies today execute tests across the applications and systems that modern businesses rely on. Yet, test execution automation and reporting alone do not address many processes responsible for testing bottlenecks. Test case creation and scripting often remain manual, with siloed testers scrambling to assemble boilerplate code and fiddly keywords. Manually identifying tests is further no match for system complexity, leaving many high-risk scenarios untested. Test data provisioning adds further bottlenecks, while brittle tests need maintaining every sprint. These slow and unreactive processes push testing further behind releases, exposing systems to costly bugs. Testing in-sprint instead requires rapid and collaborative test creation, feeding test execution engines with complete and up-to-date tests.

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In-sprint test automation for Tricentis Tosca

Test Modeller allows cross-functional teams to collaborate when generating rigorous automated tests in-sprint, feeding them automatically to Tricentis Tosca for rigorous testing across GUIs, APIs and packaged applications. The complete tests are generated from visual flows that are quick-to-build and easy-to-maintain. Testers, BAs, developers and product owners can all quickly drag-and-drop Tosca automation modules and previously built flowcharts, rapidly assembling flows for rigorous test generation. Test case and requirement importers further combine with a UI scanner to build the complete visual flows, allowing cross-functional teams to collaborate from a single source of truth when designing, developing and testing fast-changing systems.


A range of automated coverage algorithms generate complete test cases and scripts from the visual models, pushing them automatically to Tricentis Tosca test suites. This creates the smallest set of tests required to test all the logic contained in the visual flows, detecting bugs earlier and at less cost to fix. Each test further comes equipped with accurately matched test data, resolving data generation functions and “just in time” data lookups as tests are generated. As systems change, maintaining the rigorous test suites is then as quick and simple as updating central flowcharts and hitting “generate”. Cross-functional teams can pool their understanding of the desired system into the up-to-date visual flows, working in parallel to design, develop and rigorously test complex systems in short iterations.


Cross-functional teams deliver quality systems in short sprints

Watch this short demo of web UI test automation using Test Modeller for Tricentis Tosca, and discover how:

  1. A few simple inputs integrate Test Modeller with Tricentis Tosca, making Tosca modules easily reusable during visual, flow-driven test generation.

  2. Dragging-and-dropping the reusable modules rapidly builds complete visual flows of the system under test, ready for rigorous and automated test case generation.

  3. Everyone in cross-functional teams can collaborate to generate up-to-date tests from the BPMN-style flowcharts, with BAs and product owners easily reusing automation modules.

  4. “Fast Modelling” automatically identifies data equivalence classes associated with each module, quickly building complete flowcharts for rigorous test automation in-sprint.

  5. A range of automated test generation algorithms produce the smallest set of test cases needed for optimal coverage, detecting more bugs earlier and at less cost to fix.

  6. Test case generation replaces repetitive test case design and scripting, rapidly creating rigorous and risk-based test suites.

  7. A comprehensive set of data generation functions and data lookups resolve during test generation, creating rich test and perfectly matched data combinations for every Tosca test.

  8. Test Modeller automatically pushes the test cases and data to Tosca, ready for continuous and end-to-end test execution across UIs, APIs, packaged applications and more.

  9. Updating the central flows rapidly regenerates the rigorous test suites, pushing the optimised tests to Tosca for in-sprint test automation.


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