3-minute mobile test automation challenge

Take the time and complexity out of mobile test automation, assembling reusable actions in flowcharts to generate rigorous tests. Test Modeller pushes customisable scripts to your choice of automation framework and device lab, rapidly achieving the functional and device coverage needed to deliver quality mobile apps.

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Manual test creation cannot keep up with mobile adoption

As users increasingly consume services through mobile, your testing strategy must shift rapidly from web and desktop. Yet, maintaining rigorous tests for native and mobile apps can be slow and time-consuming, at a time when testing teams are already struggling to maintain web frameworks. Robust mobile testing cannot rely on manual test scripting, as it is too time-consuming and too many brittle tests require maintenance. Repetitive scripting further tends to low test coverage, leaving business-critical apps exposed to costly bugs, while achieving sufficient device coverage can be slow and costly. To protect business-critical apps, your test automation must instead be capable of creating rigorous mobile tests at speed, while leveraging the range of best-of-breed testing frameworks available today.

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Create automated mobile tests in minutes

Test Modeller drastically simplifies and accelerates mobile test creation, requiring just minutes to generate automated mobile tests from scratch. Instead of writing repetitive test scripts by hand, testers can drag-and-drop both out-of-the-box and custom actions to intuitive flowcharts. This reuses code created for best-of-breed test automation frameworks like Appium, applying optimization algorithms to create the smallest set of tests needed to “cover” the flowchart model. Pushing the tests for parallelized execution on your cloud-based device lab further achieves sufficient device coverage, rapidly assuring the quality of business-critical mobile apps.

3 minute mobile test automation challenge

The drag-and-drop test design enables your teams to author mobile tests at lightning speed, while reducing the complexity of mobile test creation. Each reusable action dragged to a Test Modeller flowchart can be parameterized using your choice of mobile app inspector, while static test data or generation functions are easy to define in the intuitive models. Test automation run results are further synchronised in Test Modeller’s flowcharts, enabling rapid and accurate defect remediation. As mobile applications fast-evolve, test teams can further avoid the bottlenecks associated with automated test maintenance, updating the central flowcharts to regenerate rigorous tests during CI/CD.

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How quickly can you generate mobile test automation for a new app?

Watch this 3-minute demo of mobile test generation for an eCommerce system, Sauce Labs and Appium, to discover just how quickly you can automate your mobile applications. The short demo shows you how:

  1. Test Modeller comes equipped with a library of out-of-the-box mobile automation actions, which can be dragged-and-dropped to intuitive flowcharts to author mobile tests rapidly.

  2. You can parametrize each action using mobile app inspects, taking the time and complexity out of creating mobile test automation for native and web applications.

  3. Providing test data for each test step is as simple as specifying a static value or synthetic test data generation function, or using Test Data Automation to pull rich data from external sources.

  4. Hitting “generate” automatically identifies the smallest set of tests needed to satisfy a specific risk profile, generating test suites that find bugs when they are quicker and cheaper to fix.

  5. Test Modeller automatically pushes the parallelized and optimized mobile tests to your cloud-based device lab, rapidly and affordably executing tests across a rigorous range of devices.

  6. Automated test script generation pushes configurable test scripts to your choice of mobile test automation framework, avoiding the repetition of maintaining brittle test scripts.

  7. Test run results are synchronized automatically in Test Modeller’s intuitive flowchart models, enabling rapid and granular defect remediation for mobile apps.


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