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Curiosity Modeller

Design Complex Systems, Create Visual Models, Collaborate on Requirements, Eradicate Bugs and Deliver Quality! 

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Enterprise Test Data

Stream Complete and Compliant Test Data On-Demand, Removing Bottlenecks and Boosting Coverage!

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Our innovative solutions help you deliver quality software earlier, and at less cost!

robot-excited copy-1              AI Accelerated Quality              Scalable AI accelerated test creation for improved quality and faster software delivery.

palette copy-1                      Test Case Design                Generate the smallest set of test cases needed to test complex systems.

database-arrow-right copy-3          Data Subsetting & Cloning      Extract the smallest data sets needed for referential integrity and coverage.

cloud-cog copy                  API Test Automation              Make complex API testing simple, using a visual approach to generate rigorous API tests.

plus-box-multiple copy-1         Synthetic Data Generation             Generate complete and compliant synthetic data on-demand for every scenario.

file-find copy-1                                     Data Allocation                  Automatically find and make data for every possible test, testing continuously and in parallel.

sitemap copy-1                Requirements Modelling          Model complex systems and requirements as complete flowcharts in-sprint.

lock copy-1                                 Data Masking                            Identify and mask sensitive information across databases and files.

database-sync copy-2                   Legacy TDM Replacement        Move to a modern test data solution with cutting-edge capabilities.

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See how we empower customer success, watch our latest webinars, read our newest eBooks and more.

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radio copy                                   Podcasts                                  Listen to the latest episode of the Why Didn't You Test That? Podcast and more.

notebook copy                                           eBooks                                Download our latest research papers and solutions briefs.

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book-open-page-variant copy                                          Blog                                        Discover software quality trends and thought leadership brought to you by the Curiosity team.

face-agent copy                               Help & Support                            Find a solution, request expert support and contact Curiosity. 

bookmark-check copy                            Success Stories                            Learn how our customers found success with Curiosity's Modeller and Enterprise Test Data.

file-document-multiple (1) copy                                 Documentation                            Get started with the Curiosity Platform, discover our learning portal and find solutions. 

connection copy                                  Integrations                              Explore Modeller's wide range of connections and integrations.

Better Software, Faster Delivery!

Curiosity are your partners for designing and building complex systems in short sprints!

account-supervisor copy                            Meet Our Team                          Meet our team of world leading experts in software quality and test data.

calendar-month copy                                         Our History                                Explore Curiosity's long history of creating market-defining solutions and success.

check-decagram copy                                       Our Mission                                Discover how we aim to revolutionize the quality and speed of software delivery.

handshake copy                            Our Partners                            Learn about our partners and how we can help you solve your software delivery challenges.

account-tie-woman copy                                        Careers                                    Join our growing team of industry veterans, experts, innovators and specialists. 

typewriter copy                             Press Releases                          Read the latest Curiosity news and company updates.

bookmark-check copy                            Success Stories                          Learn how our customers found success with Curiosity's Modeller and Enterprise Test Data.

book-open-page-variant copy                                                  Blog                                                Discover software quality trends and thought leadership brought to you by the Curiosity team.

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Curiosity Software

Experience Seamless Design, Creation, Collaboration & Enterprise Data Provisioning with Curiosity's Modeller & Enterprise Test Data!

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Better Software, Faster Delivery!

25+ Years of Experience Driving Quality Across Enterprise Organisations

Collection of Logos that are Curiosity Customers including, Santander, Intel, Western Union, Vodafone, Disney and more


Quality Delivered: Curiosity's Success Stories

ThinkDonate Logo

25x Reduction in API Test Volume

Find out how ThinkDonate auto-generate optimised API tests, with product owners using test results to formulate accurate API specifications.

read our success story

Eljin Logo-3

8x Faster Test Creation

Discover how Eljin Productions successfully launched a business-critical payments platform using model-based test generation and synthetic test data generation.

read our success story

Infuse Logo-1

50% Better Test Coverage

Discover how testers and BAs collaboratively generated Jira tests and UI test automation from BPMN requirements at a $300 million telco company. 

Watch The Full Story

Everfi_Stacked_Left_Gray copy-4

Continuous Test Generation in 9 Months

Find out how EVERFI moved from manual testing to continuous test generation in just 9 months by using Curiosity's Model-Based Testing tool, Test Modeller.

read our success story

Read Our Success Stories


Curiosity's Platform

Experience Seamless Design, Creation, Collaboration & Enterprise Data Management with The Curiosity Platform

Curiosity Modeller

Align business and development and promote quality across requirements, development, test, and automation. 

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Enterprise Test Data

Fuelling enterprises with rapid, robust, and ready-to-use data for development and rigorous testing.

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Solutions for Every Scenario


Test Data at Your Fingertips

Curiosity's Enterprise Test Data accelerates the delivery of valuable software, providing rich, compliant and affordable data at real-time speeds.


Accelerate testing and development

Make data available in real-time to increase overall agility and release velocity.

Boost in sprint test coverage-2

Boost in-sprint test coverage,

Test with richer test data to find bugs earlier and at less cost to fix.

Test Data Privacy

Mitigate costly compliance risks

Test with a combination of masked and rich, synthetically generated data.

Test data cost reduction-1

Reduce infrastructure and operations costs

Virtualise and containerise data as it’s made available in parallel and on demand.


Create a Culture of Quality Across Your SDLC

Continuous Test Generation-1


Continuous Test Generation

                 Targeted Testing In-Sprint, For Your Tools and Frameworks

Auto-generate test cases and scripts into existing frameworks and pipelines, dynamically targeting test coverage to find bugs earlier and at less cost to fix.

Enterprise Test Data Management

Data that’s Complete, Compliant and Bottleneck-free

Stop wasting time finding and making data. Stream rich and compliant test data on-the-fly during testing, development, automation, and CI/CD.

Test Data Automation




Requirements Digitalisation

Build the Right System First Time Round, and Eradicate Bugs

Avoid costly defects and delays caused by poor quality requirements. Maintain “living documentation” in collaborative flowcharts, generating up-to-date user stories and specifications for rapid development.

Collaboration and Integration

Create A Single Source of Truth for Testing and Development

Integrate DevOps toolchains and create a traceability lab for your SDLC. Identify the impact of changes in user stories, tests, production and beyond, generating targeted tests to de-risk rapid software releases.