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This three-part research series will provide you with a range of resources and insights focusing on Behaviour-Driven Development.

  1. Part 1 highlights some common pitfalls and “watch-outs” when implementing BDD. It contains three articles which call for a return to the founding principles of BDD, while discussing how visual modelling can facilitate this shift towards truly collaborative software delivery.

  2. In Part 2 Curiosity's CTO, James Walker, takes centre stage for a meetup presentation all about unlocking the full potential of BDD. This includes a live demo of “visual BDD” with Test Modeller, importing Gherkin specifications to create living documentation and generate rigorous automated tests.

  3. Part 3 builds on the theoretical and practical insights shared in Parts 1 and 2, providing a series of videos for getting started. These showcase visual BDD working in practice. The series ends with next steps for getting started with visual BDD using Test Modeller.


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