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Design Complex Systems, Create Visual Models, Collaborate on Requirements, Eradicate Bugs and Deliver Quality! 

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Enterprise Test Data

Stream Complete and Compliant Test Data On-Demand, Removing Bottlenecks and Boosting Coverage!

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Our innovative solutions help you deliver quality software earlier, and at less cost!

robot-excited copy-1              AI Accelerated Quality              Scalable AI accelerated test creation for improved quality and faster software delivery.

palette copy-1                      Test Case Design                Generate the smallest set of test cases needed to test complex systems.

database-arrow-right copy-3          Data Subsetting & Cloning      Extract the smallest data sets needed for referential integrity and coverage.

cloud-cog copy                  API Test Automation              Make complex API testing simple, using a visual approach to generate rigorous API tests.

plus-box-multiple copy-1         Synthetic Data Generation             Generate complete and compliant synthetic data on-demand for every scenario.

file-find copy-1                                     Data Allocation                  Automatically find and make data for every possible test, testing continuously and in parallel.

sitemap copy-1                Requirements Modelling          Model complex systems and requirements as complete flowcharts in-sprint.

lock copy-1                                 Data Masking                            Identify and mask sensitive information across databases and files.

database-sync copy-2                   Legacy TDM Replacement        Move to a modern test data solution with cutting-edge capabilities.

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Better Software, Faster Delivery!

Curiosity are your partners for designing and building complex systems in short sprints!

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bookmark-check copy                            Success Stories                          Learn how our customers found success with Curiosity's Modeller and Enterprise Test Data.

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Webinar Hosted by Curiosity and Infuse

Better Software, Faster

How 3 Quality Experts Align Test Data, Environments & Automation!

calendar March 21st

clock-time-two-outline copy 2PM GMT

Is test and environment management hindering your testing and development? Join this webinar to see how a holistic software quality ecosystem accelerates releases, mitigates risks, and boosts your software value.



3 Fundamentals of Software Quality

How can your developers work twice as fast [1], with rigorous automated tests ready for every code change?

Fit-for-purpose, parallel environments and data are prerequisite to agile development, CI/CD, DevOps and automated testing. Yet, enterprises today still focus narrowly on churning out more test cases and scripts, letting inaccurate and unavailable test environments bring releases to a standstill.

This webinar will gather a test data inventor with 30+ years’ experience, a veteran Test Environment Manager, and a long-time Test Automation Architect. Live on air, they will construct a quality engineering architecture, teaching you to align 3 pillars of software quality: Environments, data, and automation.

Head of Test Environment Management, Sanjeev Kumar, will first detail the pillars and ROI of effective non-production environment management. Test automation veteran, Deepak Kumar, will then discuss why automation demands continuous environment refreshes and richer, parallelised test data. Huw Price, nicknamed “the Godfather of test data”, will conclude by demoing automated techniques for creating complete and compliant data on demand, provisioned into instantly available environments.

Sign up to see how 3 industry experts maximise release velocity and value, and how your test data and environments can deliver better software, faster.

[1] Industry research and Curiosity’s implementation experience has found that the average test and development team spends 20-50% of their time on data-related activities like finding data, making it, or waiting for it to become available.


5 Key Takeaways for Test, Data and Environment Management

You will gain insights for solving three pressing and perennial barriers to delivering rigorously tested, accurately developed software at speed. You will discover:

  1. The 7 pillars of effective non-production environment management, forming a proven method that provides on demand access to teams and technologies in complex ecosystems.

  2. Why test automation increases the demand for parallel environments and data, but also offers tools for more effective data and environment management.

  3. How on demand test data automation can save 20-50% of test and development time, allocating rich and compliant data combinations in parallel and “just in time”.

  4. Why a test data management strategy must extend far beyond copying and masking production data, including integrated test data components for automation, agile and AI.

  5. How you can align test data, automation and environment management, removing time-consuming dependencies to maximize overall release velocity and quality.


Meet The Speakers: 3 Experts in Enterprise Software Quality

Huw Price, Curiosity Software

Huw Price, Chairman, Curiosity Software. Huw has been described as “the Godfather of test data”.  He co-founded his first test data start-up in 1995, and has helped invent some of the first publicly available solutions for data masking, generation, and self-service data provisioning. He is a serial test data inventor, and has worked with the world’s largest organisations in banking, finance, government, insurance, healthcare, and beyond. This ranges from mainframe modernizations in the 1990s, to using machine learning to mimic financial time series in 2024. His pioneering insights will be available to you on this webinar, including a live Q&A to understand how Huw would approach your test data challenges.

Sanjeev Kumar, Head of Test Environment Management, Infuse Consulting. Sanjeev has been a non-production environment manger for over 20 years, leading transformations at Global 200 banks, energy providers, retailers, educational institutions and beyond. He takes a holistic approach to test environment management (TEM), with deep understanding of its dependencies on test data management, service virtualization, automation, and DevOps. Sanjeev’s teams have led change on projects ranging from cloud migrations to payments, providing environments-as-a-service for hundreds of systems and teams. On this webinar, he will point you towards proven solutions for providing on demand environments for your teams, streams and systems.

Deepak Kumar, Test Automation Architect and Manager, Infuse Consulting. Deepak has dedicated the past 14 years to building high-performance test automation teams, in industries ranging from manufacturing and higher education, to banking and finance. He deploys a range of industry best practices and standards to maximise the value of automated testing at enterprise scale, including a thorough understanding of how test automation supports and benefits from effective data and environment management. Automation for Deepak empowers teams to work in parallel, test more frequently, and deliver higher quality software faster than ever. Register for this webinar to discover how your organisation can shorten its release cycles and squash bugs with effective test automation!


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