In-sprint message testing

The Open Testing Platform tests critical message layers in-sprint, free from the frustration of analysing and writing complex message files. Test Data Automation converts production files into reusable templates, using intuitive flowcharts in Test Modeller to auto-generate a rich spread of synthetic test messages.

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Manually designing message tests leaves systems exposed

Message testing is critically important to organisations that rely on distributed systems to pass high volumes of data between internal systems and beyond. Yet, testing data-driven message layers can be highly complex. Testers must create a rich spread of data combinations, wrapping them in complex XML and JSON files. They cannot simply copy production data, as it is too voluminous, low variety, and risks exposing sensitive information to less secure test environments. They must instead identify every positive and negative scenario required for sufficient coverage, a task that cannot be completed by hand. Slow and manual test design tends instead to focus on a narrow spread of “happy path” scenarios, calling for a systematic and automated approach to message test creation.

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Rapidly move from example data to rich message testing

Curiosity’s Open Testing Platform enables rigorous message testing in short iterations, converting production messages into reusable templates and autogenerating comprehensive test messages. Test and develop teams avoid time spent analysing high-volumes of production message data and scripting complex files, using intuitive visual flows to generate a rich spread of synthetic messages. Pushing the rich and compliant data to existing test automation frameworks tests rapidly and rigorously in-sprint, ensuring that critical distributed systems deliver value as their components shift and change.

In-Sprint Message Generation

Building realistic test messages using Test Data Automation and Test Modeller is as quick and simple as selecting an example message file, before building visual flowcharts to populate message files with rich test data. There is no need to analyse or script complex JSON and XML, simply selecting from columns in a spreadsheet to specify the variables that matter for testing. Test Modeller then converts the variables into an intuitive visual flowchart, unlocking an easy-to-use approach to building rich message data. Testers and developers can quickly and visually build out the data combinations that need testing, autogenerating a set of files that contain the full spread of modelled data. With support for XML, JSON, XBRL and more, the Open Testing Platform allows testers and developers to test critical message layers in-sprint, free from the frustration of analysisng and writing complex message files.

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Take the time and complexity out of message testing

Watch this short example of Test Modeller and Test Data Automation generating a “covered” set of XML, to discover how:

  1. Test Data Automation avoids time lost to analysing high-volumes of complex message data, scanning and automatically generating a template file from example XML messages.

  2. The template message files provide the variables needed for comprehensive test data generation, which are defined as easily as selecting columns in an Excel spreadsheet.

  3. Test Modeller automatically converts the template messages into intuitive visual flowcharts, providing a rapid and user-friendly approach to generating complex XML messages.

  4. Specifying data values and test data generation functions in the visual models populates the XML templates with rich data at the click of a button.

  5. Adding new data variables to the flowcharts creates a quick and intuitive approach to generating a rich spread of data, avoiding time spent engineering copious message files.

  6. Automated generation algorithms convert the flows into the smallest set of XML files needed to “cover” every data combination, enabling rigorous message testing in-sprint.


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