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Test Modeller Generate Mobile Test Automation 

Automated Test Generation with In-Sprint Targeting and Maintenance

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Can You Automate As Quickly As EVERFI?

Everfi Logo-1

Up to 30,000x Faster Test Creation

EVERFI use Test Modeller to generate functional and visual tests within minutes of a code check-in, pushed to Applitools' Ultrafast Test Grid for execution across devices and resolutions.

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EVERFI Case Study Cutout copy

Can you automate as quickly as EVERFI?

Infuse Logo-1

50% Better Test Coverage

Using Test Modeller, testers and BAs at a $300 million telco start-up generated Jira tests and automated UI tests directly from BPMN requirements.

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ThinkDonate Rectangle-1

25x Reduction in Test Volume

ThinkDonate auto-generated targeted tests into their REST Assured framework, using test results to formulate accurate API specifications.

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Selenium test generation at a large bank-1

25x Faster Test Creation

At a large bank, it had taken 10 testers two months to script 800 tests. With Test Modeller, one tester created 1000 Selenium tests in a single month.

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Scalable test generation for mobile

Many tools run mobile tests, but how are you creating and prioritizing scenarios? Test Modeller generates targeted mobile tests, automating test creation and running the right tests in-sprint.


Rapid test creation. Simplify mobile testing.

Drag-and-drop reusable automation to create easy-to-use flowcharts. Assembling reusable flows quickly builds end-to-end scenarios, using locators from app inspectors. Automated test generation then creates customisable tests for open source and commercial tools, rapidly scaling mobile test automation.

Reusable libraries of mobile test automation


Automated test generation for mobile test automation



Target coverage. Optimal logic and device mix.

Generate the smallest set of tests and data needed to de-risk changes to websites or native apps, pushed to an optimal mix of platforms and devices in your lab, emulator or simulator. Overcome mobile test complexity, finding bugs earlier and at less cost to fix.


Automate maintenance. Test continuously.

Refactor mobile tests as you update central automation libraries and intuitive flowcharts. Regenerating test cases and scripts during CI/CD avoids manual test maintenance and technical debt, delivering quality mobile experiences with every rapid release.

Automatically maintain web test automation-2

Want to learn more? Check out our complete QuickStart Mobile Automation guide! 

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Deliver quality app experiences, faster

As traffic shifts quickly to mobile, don’t let users find gaps in your testing strategy and coverage. Generate and scale mobile test automation with Test Modeller, delivering quality experiences faster.

Scale mobile test automation

Scale Mobile Automation

Match the rapid rise of mobile traffic, with cross-functional teams reusing automation to generate rigorous tests from visual models.

Assure Quality Experiences

Assure Quality Experiences

Target test generation to find bugs earlier and at less cost to fix, testing the right scenarios, devices, locations, interruptions, and more.

Shorten Release Cycles

Shorten Release Cycles

Automatically generate and update mobile tests during CI/CD, avoiding bottlenecks in mobile test design, scripting and maintenance.

Future proof tools and mobile test automation

Future Proof Mobile Testing

Generate tests into best-of-breed frameworks, repositories, device labs and more, simplifying mobile test adoption and avoiding vendor lock.

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Tools for every device and platform

Use the right tools for your teams and systems, generating cross-browser, cross-platform tests into your choice of framework, device lab, repository and pipeline.

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