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Mobile test generation into Sauce Labs

Author rigorous mobile tests in minutes using a lightning-fast, drag-and-drop designer, pushed to cloud-based device labs for scalable test execution. Test Modeller accelerates and simplifies mobile testing, using flowcharts to generate in-sprint tests with optimal device and functional coverage.

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Is mobile testing a gap in your test automation strategy?

Your users are fast shifting to mobile devices, and your testing needs to keep up. Yet, there’s simply no time in short iterations to maintain test code for different devices and applications. Best-of-breed automation frameworks do exist for mobile, but scripting every test is too time-consuming, and creates impossible maintenance requirements as brittle scripts break. Manually coding tests further risks insufficient test coverage, exposing critical applications to costly bugs, while executing tests across a sufficient range of devices can be slow and resource-intensive. Rigorously testing business-critical mobile applications instead requires a rapid and optimized approach to test script creation, coupled with the ability to execute tests affordably, at scale, and across devices.

discover 10 reasons to model during test automation


Create mobile test automation in minutes

With Test Modeller, you can create mobile test automation in minutes, with optimal functional coverage and cross-device execution to find bugs earlier and at less cost to fix. Test Modeller accelerates and simplifies mobile test creation, using a drag-and-drop designer to combine actions from a reusable automation library. Visually assembling actions quickly builds intuitive flowcharts of the application, using inspectors to provide locators for each action. Hitting “generate” then creates the smallest set of test cases needed to achieve a specified coverage level, along with corresponding test scripts for commercial or open source frameworks. Your teams can avoid scripting bottlenecks and test rigorously in-sprint, auto-generating targeted mobile tests at pace of rapid app development.

Mobile test automation generation for sauce labs

Test Modeller pushes the mobile tests to your choice of cloud-based device lab, enabling rapid, rigorous and affordable test execution across devices. The model-based test script generation furthermore retains the full flexibility and extendibility of coding, with configurable code templates and the ability to synchronise automation actions from existing code repositories. Using Test Modeller, your teams can rapidly generate rigorous tests for your applications and frameworks, with full customization to match your system’s complexity. In-sprint testing can then maintain the rigorous automated tests without test maintenance bottlenecks, rapidly updating central flowcharts to regenerate new tests for scalable execution across devices.

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Test more in-sprint, with optimal device and functional coverage

Watch this short example of mobile test generation and execution using Appium to test the Swagger Labs eCommerce platform, to discover how:

  1. Test Modeller provides a library of out-of-the-box mobile automation actions, which you can drag-and-drop quickly to intuitive flowcharts when authoring tests at speed.

  2. Each action can be parameterized with an identifier form mobile inspector tools, providing a rapid and simplified approach to creating automated tests for native apps and web.

  3. Automated test generation identifies the smallest set of test cases needed to “cover” the model, avoiding wasteful test duplication and finding bugs while they are quicker and cheaper to fix.

  4. Each model becomes a reusable flowchart in Test Modeller’s library, which can be dragged-and-dropped rapidly to generate tests for complex end-to-end scenarios.

  5. Test Modeller automatically generates mobile test automation code for each test case, avoiding the repetition of copying boilerplate code or maintaining brittle scripts.

  6. Pushing the optimized tests to Sauce Labs rapidly runs parallelized tests at scale, across devices and browsers to achieve optimal device and functional coverage.

  7. Mobile test run results are synchronized automatically in Sauce Labs dashboards and Test Modeller’s flowcharts, enabling granular root cause analysis to fix the causes of bugs faster.

  8. Test Modeller’s optimized mobile tests can be triggered on demand by engineers or CI/CD pipelines, and can be scheduled for regular execution during CI/CD.

  9. The rapid test creation retains the full flexibility of scripting, configuring reusable actions in code templates and synchronizing libraries from existing code repositories.

  10. As complex systems change, updating Test Modeller’s central flowcharts regenerates rigorous mobile tests, avoiding test maintenance bottlenecks to test rigorously in-sprint.

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