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Model-Based Testing Using Cypress

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Model-Based Automation and Collaboration

If you’re a part of this exciting new Meetup, then you probably already know just how awesome Cypress is. Model-based testing offers a collaborative technique for automating time-consuming processes that surround Cypress test execution, all while optimizing testing for greater in-sprint coverage. Integrated with a Cypress framework, visual modeling allows automation teams to collaborate seamlessly with developers and designers, working in parallel to auto-generate the tests needed before every rapid release. Find out how during this live Meetup!

In this session, George Blundell will present an easy-to-adopt approach for automating test generation and maintenance for Cypress test automation frameworks. This approach leverages visual flowcharts to generate optimized Cypress scripts with matching test cases and data. The optimized test generation avoids repetitive test scripting and test data bottlenecks, creating rigorous and targeted test suites in short iterations. It creates Cypress tests that mirror fast-changing systems, rapidly and collaboratively updating models to re-maintain targeted test suites. The result? Cross-functional teams rapidly build and maintain tests, all while avoiding cumbersome test maintenance, time-consuming test data bottlenecks, and the time spent copying/pasting boilerplate code.

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About the speakers

George Blundell


George Blundell is a Technical Analyst at Curiosity, where he collaborates closely with organizations on high-priority test automation initiatives. George implements and supports model-based approaches to generating, optimizing, and maintaining rigorous automated tests while supporting close collaboration between stakeholders from across the development lifecycle.


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