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Modelling For Continuous Testing

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Join Rich Jordan and Ben Riley to learn how you can apply a DevOps mindset to your Continuous Testing. Break complex systems down into understandable models, collaboratively combining them to maintain system understanding and generate the automation needed for rapid software delivery.


Curiosity Presents Modelling For Continuous Testing Webinar, Live on the 28th of February at 5pm GMT



Apply a DevOps mindset to Continuous Testing

Teams striving to “do” DevOps and test continuously often reach for nearby tools, without first fixing their mindset and techniques. This often backfires long-term, as sticking-plaster solutions introduce anti-patterns, uncertainty, and repetition to tight sprints. Monolithic automation frameworks break and need fixing as developers make changes to systems coded using more modern techniques. Further maintenance emerges as tests, data and environments become misaligned. And has anyone stopped to consider how well you understand the system being developed, given its complexity exceeds human comprehension and has been reflected in the bewildering pipelines designed to test it?

This webinar will consider how you can apply a DevOps mindset to Continuous Testing, before exploring tools and techniques to support it. It will discuss how you can componentise vastly complex systems into understandable chunks, while mapping each component to the automation, data and environments needed to test it. You will see how cross-functional teams can combine reusable models to map complex systems, while generating tests, data and environments for in-sprint testing. As complex systems change, updating individual models and automation libraries regenerates rigorous tests, maintaining both the living documentation and aligned artifacts needed for Continuous Testing.


About the speakers

Rich Jordan Curiosity Software Modelling For Continuous Testing Webinar


Rich Jordan is an Enterprise Solutions Architect at Curiosity Software and has spent the past 20 years within the Testing Industry – mostly in Financial Services, leading teams creating test capabilities that have won multiple awards in Testing and DevOps categories. Rich has been an advocate of Test Modelling and Test Data for over a decade and joined Curiosity in Nov 2022!

Ben Riley Curiosity Software Modelling For Continuous Testing Webinar


Ben Riley is Chief Information Officer at Curiosity Software and has over 15 years of experience working across the Continuous Testing and DevOps industry. He is a leader that wants his customers to succeed and accelerate their development and quality journey. Ben has helped grow world-class software companies in Grid-tools, Sweagle and now Curiosity.


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