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Remove sensitive data from test environments

Reduce costly compliance risks and testing bottlenecks, virtualising and anonymising production data as it’s moved to test environments. Pick an intuitive masking engine to comply with pressing privacy requirements, before making synthetically enhanced data available in parallel and on demand.

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Test Data Masking with Test Data Automation Reusable Masking Routines


Mask production data before it hits testing

Anonymise physical and virtualised production data before it reaches test environments. Masking reduces the risk of costly data breaches and legislative non-compliance:


Data profiling

automatically scans data, flagging and categorising personally and commercially sensitive information.

Data Masking-1

Comprehensive Data Masking

replaces PII consistently across systems, retaining all the relationships needed in testing.

Test Data Masking with Test Data Automation

Allocation and virtualisation

provide lightweight data sets in parallel and on demand, minimising wait times and costly non-production storage.

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Mitigate compliance risks

Increasingly stringent data privacy legislation and internal company policies make the use of raw production data in testing harder and riskier than ever. Read these articles to discover some of the potential risks, and ask yourself if your testing risks huge fines, reputational damage, and customer churn:

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Looking for more than data masking? 

Test Data Automation provides tools for finding, making and allocating data on-the-fly to parallel teams and automation frameworks.

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A clear roadmap: From data masking to Test Data Automation

Test Data Automation does not end with reducing compliance risks. It offers a roadmap to making complete and compliant data available on-the-fly during rapid development, automated testing, and CI/CD. You can alleviate immediate compliance concerns and unlock the benefits of complete Test Data Automation:

Avoid test data bottlenecks

Minimise the time that testers and developers spend waiting for, finding, and making data, allocating data automatically as manual and automated tests run.

Reduce defect remediation costs

Find bugs while they are faster and more affordable to fix, using coverage analysis, synthetic test data generation and automated “find and makes” to maximise testing rigour.

Make rapid and reliable releases

Make rapid and rigorously tested releases, providing up-to-date data on-the-fly during testing, rapid development, CI/CD processes and test automation.

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Complete and compliant test data, available on-the-fly

Find out more about making complete and compliant data available “just in time” during rapid testing and development:


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