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Model-Based API Testing

Generate optimised tests and data for API Fortress

Generate test scenarios for every combination of API call method and link them to the test data needed to execute them. Push the optimised tests to API Fortress to create and execute a complete set of API tests. Test Modeller takes the time and complexity out of testing chains of API calls, allowing you to validate responses rigorously within an iteration.

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API testing complexity

Testing API calls comprehensively requires data with which to reach every end-point, exercising each distinct journey to reach those end-points. With complex chains of API calls, that means vast combinations of methods and data – more than can ever be created manually. The huge complexity furthermore means that no tester can identify the logical combinations needed for acceptable coverage, and yet QA teams still often specify tests one-by-one in API testing frameworks.

API testing tools to simplify the process of creating individual tests, but rigorous API testing requires a systematic, computer-driven approach. The data needed for every positive and negative journey must also be available on demand, but these requests are not found in existing data sources. In turn, business-critical middleware is left exposed to damaging defects.

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Rigorously test APIs within an iteration

Test Modeller takes the complexity out of testing complex APIs, generating optimised test cases and data from visual, quick-to-build flowcharts. The rigorous test cases “cover” the full range of positive and negative journeys needed to reach every API end-point, and are generated in minutes using automated algorithms. A comprehensive set of synthetic test data functions define all the data needed to exercise the scenarios, while the responses needed for testing rigour can also be found automatically in back-end databases. Pushing the complete scenarios to API Fortress automatically creates a parameterised set of executable tests, rigorously and rapidly testing complex chains of API calls.

api fortress

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Take the complexity out of testing complex APIs

Watch this short example of testing an IBAN validation service to see how you can:

  1. Rapidly model the positive and negative journeys to every possible end-point in an API call, using accelerators and importers to reflect every test scenario in easy-to-use flowchart models.

  2. Find or make the test data combinations needed to exercise every scenario, using both dynamic synthetic data functions and high-speed routines for finding Requests in back-end databases.

  3. Generate the smallest set of test cases needed to exercise every logically distinct journey, using mathematical algorithms to compile the data needed to exercise them.

  4. Create executable, parameterised tests automatically in API Fortress, pushing optimised test data from Test Modeller to the API test composer.

  5. Test complex chains of API calls rapidly and rigorously, simply dragging-and-dropping subprocesses together to compile an optimised set of test scenarios.

With this approach, your API testing team can:

  1. Avoid delays associated with slow and linear API test creation, while identifying every positive and negative scenario needed to assure the quality of APIs fully.

  2. Eliminate bottlenecks associated with test data constraints, automatically linking every test to data that resolves “just in time” during execution.

  3. Test more logic in fewer tests, shortening test runs while still detecting more defects earlier, and at less effort to fix.

  4. Simplify API test creation, inputting data into API Fortress to identify test parameters and execute the rigorous tests.


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