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Rapid API Test Generation from Test Modeller

Build rigorous end-to-end tests from visual flows

Test Modeller auto-generates rigorous tests and data for end-to-end API testing, rigorously testing business-critical systems in-sprint. Minimise the time lost to complex test scripting and data provisioning, ensuring that the APIs your business rely on deliver quality in every release.

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Manual test creation exposes critical APIs to costly bugs

Developers today use APIs to assemble reusable components into complex systems faster than ever before. This flexibility spells massive testing complexity, exacerbating many existing testing bottlenecks. Slow and manual test creation can never match the logical complexity of combined API calls, hitting just a fraction of the positive and negative scenarios needed for rigorous testing. The rich spread of data needed to test every scenario is further often missing from existing data sources, but it is highly time-consuming aligning test data values to test across multiple calls. Often, the time spent analysing API specifications, scripting tests and finding data outweighs the time available in a sprint. This exposes critical APIs to damaging bugs, calling for a rigorous and automated approach to API test creation.


Rigorously test complex APIs in short iterations

Test Modeller automatically generates API tests and data from visual flowcharts, rigorously testing complex APIs in-sprint. The intuitive flows are quick to build using a range of accelerators. A Swagger and OpenAPI importer automatically covert API specifications into executable tests, while an intuitive function designer creates new code from simple web forms. Dragging-and-dropping the reusable functions to intuitive flowcharts assembles end-to-end test scenarios, using “fast modelling” to identify the equivalence classes and test data associated with each method. This rapidly builds flowcharts to test the full range of positive and negative scenarios, using coverage algorithms to generate the smallest set of test cases needed for rigorous testing.

Rapid api

In addition to automating repetitive test design, Test Modeller removes the delays associated with complex API test scripting and data provisioning. Its powerful code generation engine uses code templates to convert the rigorous test cases into bespoke scripts for open source, homegrown and commercial frameworks. From Postman to REST Assured, Test Modeller removes the delays associated with test case design and manual scripting, rigorously testing business-critical APIs before every release.

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Overcome massive API test complexity with in-sprint test generation

Watch this short demonstration of rigorous test generation for a REST Assured framework to discover how:

  1. Test Modeller rapidly builds clear and complete visual flows of API test scenarios, importing Swagged and OpenAPI definitions to drive rapid and rigorus API testing.

  2. API test code generation creates bespoke API tests for a range of frameworks, converting imported Swagger specifications or using an intuitive function editor to build modules rapidly.

  3. Dragging and dropping functions and methods quickly builds flows for end-to-end testing, using a data dictionary to model the equivalence classes and data needed for rigorous testing.

  4. Overlaying automation modules onto the same models generates a complete set of API test scenarios, complete with consistently linked-up data for traversing multiple API calls.

  5. A range of coverage algorithms automatically generate the smallest set of tests needed to “cover” the flowchart’s logic, rigorously testing complex combinations of API call in-sprint.

  6. Test Modeller’s code generation engine converts the flowchart logic and data into scripts for open source and commercial frameworks, including REST Assured and Postman.

  7. Executing the rigorous API tests from Test Modeller synchronises run results to the visual flows, allowing development teams to fix potentially costly bugs before they hit production.


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