Model-Based BI Testing: Advanced Dashboard Testing

Rigorous and automated business intelligence testing using Test Modeller and Test Data Automation.

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BI Testing Complexity

Testing Business Intelligence dashboards and reports can be complex and time-consuming. BI systems process huge quantities of multi-dimensional data from the numerous interrelated sources at an organization. This data is transformed for BI systems by a range of ETL routines, before being displayed in the visual dashboards that underpin key business decisions. Testers require data that reflect each of the possible data combinations that exist in the vast data. They must efficiently push it through the system under test, while having a sufficient understanding of the expected results needed to validate the dashboards. Get it wrong, and critical business decisions might be based on unrepresentative and badly transformed data.

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Automate and Accelerate Dashboard Testing

Test Modeller provides a structured and automated approach to rigorous BI testing. Synthetic test data to exercise every possible data combination is generated from easy-maintain models. VIP, the high-speed workflow engine then executes the complete test data automatically against the system under test, before comparing the results to accurately defined expected results. This enables comprehensive Business Intelligence testing that can keep up with fast-changing transformation rules, all integrated into existing testing frameworks.Try Test Modeller


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