Mainframe Test Automation

Take the time and risk out of mainframe development 

Test Modeller takes the time and risk out of mainframe development, maintaining rigorous automated tests and “living documentation” for mainframe systems. Testers and developers cagenerate optimised tests and data from easy-to-use flowcharts, ensuring that mainframe systems are well tested and well understood. 

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Business critical or business risk? 

Organisations across industries today rely on mainframeto run their core business processes. Though critical, these mainframe systems are often black boxes to the teams responsible for ensuring that they run effectivelyThey are frequently poorly documented legacy, built over decades, and developers themselves often don’t want to touch them for fear of  breaking critical systems. Test teams then face the challenge of knowing what to test across the complex, interrelated applicationsThey are often forced to design tests manually, hitting only a fraction of possible system logic, before slowly and repetitively entering text into mainframe terminals. Expected results are further hard to formulate accurately, further exposing business-critical systems to the risk of bugs. 


Take the time and risk out of mainframe development

Test Modeller automates slow and repetitive mainframe testing, while building intuitive visual models of essential systems. The easy-to-use flowcharts auto-generate optimized test scripts and data, rigorously testing mainframe systems and maintaining the knowledge needed to ensure that business-critical systems deliver business value. 

Mainframe test automation

Mainframe test automation with Test Modeller is as quick and simple as dragging-and-dropping commands onto intuitive flowchart modelsAutomated test generation algorithms then create the smallest set of tests needed to test the modelled logic completely, generating executable automation code for homegrown, commercial and open source frameworks. Each modelled component becomes a re-usable subflow in a central repository, making end-to-end Mainframe testing as easy as assembling re-usable blocks into visual flows. As mainframe systems change or are embedded within modern architectures, test teams can update the central models, rapidly re-executing test suites to test core business systems rigorously.

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Model-based test automation for the mainframe

  1. Test Modeller visually models mainframe applications, creating re-usable test components and maintaining accurate knowledge of business-critical mainframe systems.

  2. Mainframe test automation is as quick as simple as dragging-and-dropping commands from a central repository, overlaying them onto the intuitive visual flowcharts.

  3. Each flowchart becomes a re-usable “subflow”, allowing testers to assemble visual blocks rapidly for effective end-to-end test execution.

  4. A range of automated coverage algorithms generate the smallest set of tasks needed to test the end-to-end flows, rapidly testing every distinct journey through connected mainframe systems.

  5. Hitting “generate” updates test cases across tools and populates Git repositories with executable automation code, avoiding bottlenecks created by manual test execution. 

  6. Run results and screenshots are overlaid visually at the model level, providing visibility into previous test runs and providing precise specifications for fast defect remediation.

  7. Updating the models automatically maintains the automated mainframe tests, quickly re-generating the updated test suite to detect damaging bugs before they hit production. 


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