Introducing the Rigour of Model Based Testing to Behaviour Driven Development

Maximise the rigour of testing and retain the flexibility of Behaviour-Driven Development. With Test Modeller, you can copy-and-paste Gherkin scenarios to complete visual models, before generating a comprehensive set of tests, data, and automated tests that keep up with fast-changing user needs. 

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Model-Based Testing for BDD

Watch this short demo to see how easily Gherkin scenarios can be converted automatically to clear and complete visual flowcharts. This consolidates the overlapping steps in the Behavior-Driven requirements, while missing or invalid logic can be spotted at a glance. The unambiguous flowchart provides developers with a clear specification and dependency map of the system, creating code with fewer defects stemming from fragmentary written specifications. 

The same model drives rigorous, automated testing, with maximised test coverage to detect more defects earlier, and at less cost to fix. Automated coverage algorithms create a set of tests that exhaustively “cover” the model of the Gherkin scenarios, while granular coverage techniques can be applied to focus on new or critical functionality. A comprehensive range of easy-to-use data generation functions define accurate data which is created “just in time” as the tests are executed across new or existing automation frameworks. 

As new or updated Gherkin scenarios are created, maintaining the complete test pack is as easy as updating the central model and regenerating the tests. The result is complete designs, leading to higher quality code, and a rigorous set of tests that can react to fast changing user needs – all with the flexibility of Behaviour-Driven Development.  

Read the test automation solution page to find out more about how Test Modeller can introduce complete test automation in Behaviour-Driven environments.

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