Model-Based Test Automation for Cypress: 

Rapidly Create and Maintain Rigorous Automated Tests

Generate optimised scripts and data for Cypress, rigorously testing fast-changing web applications. Test Modeller removes the bottlenecks associated with manual scripting, data allocation and maintenance, enabling comprehensive testing in short iterations. 

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‘Manual’ Test Automation Cannot Keep Up

Even with a structured framework like Cypress, automating test execution is not enough to test complex web applications rigorously in short iterations. Automation engineers must still write Javascript, creating and repeatedly copying boilerplate code. They must furthermore source the data with which to execute each and every test, but many combinations are missing in available data copies. System changes furthermore break tests, and a backlog grows rapidly as change requests render scripts and data invalid. There is soon no time to check and update every test needed for rigorous testing, exposing web applications to damaging defects. 

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Test Web Applications Rigorously in Short Sprints

Test Modeller allows QA teams and developers to get the most out of Cypress, automatically generating rigorous Javascript tests and data. An application scanner builds Cypress libraries in minutes, and without the need to write copious Javascript. Selecting UI elements generates page objects and the associated implementation, which are then imported to Test Modeller

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Building flowcharts of the web application is then as simple as selecting from the scanned elements. Intelligent modeling identifies the equivalence classes associated with each element, rapidly building models to test positive and negative routes through web applications. Dynamic data definition auto-identifies synthetic test generation functions for each test step, ensuring that every tests comes equipped with valid and up-to-date test data.  

Automated test generation creates optimized tests and data, compiling the smallest set of scripts and data needed to test every modelled scenario. As the system changes, testers only need to update the easy-to-maintain flowcharts, generating an up-to-date set of rigorous tests and data. 

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Rapid and Reactive Test Automation for Cypress

Watch this short demo of testing a web UI rigorously with a Javascript-based framework, and discover how: 

  1. An application scanner builds a Cypress repository in minutes, generating executable page objects and a parameterised implementation layer as UI elements are selected.

  2. “Fast Modelling” intelligently builds flowcharts from the scanned elements, automatically identifying equivalence classes associated with each imported object.

  3. Intelligent data definition tags the model with the data needed to execute every negative and positive scenario, generating complete synthetic test data for every Cypress test.

  4. Automated test generation creates the smallest set of Cypress scripts needed to “cover” the model, enabling rigorous testing within short iterations.

  5. The compiled code and data can be exported to integration engines like Jenkins, Bamboo and TeamCity, automatically executing rigorous tests within existing CI/CD pipelines.

  6. Re-usable subflows enable rapid and rigorous end-to-end testing, assembling blocks visually and applying coverage algorithms to identify paths through complex system logic.

  7. Test engineers only need to reflect system changes in the easy-to-maintain models, avoiding the delays created when checking and updating existing automated tests. 


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