Model Based Test Automation for Sauce Labs

Automatically generate optimised tests and data in Test Modeller, and execute them in the cloud using Sauce Labs.

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Rigorous Model-Based Testing

Test Modeller is a complete Model-Based Testing solution, that allows you to generate optimised tests and data from easy-to-build flowcharts. The models can be created rapidly from existing test cases, BDD specifications, business requirements, and more.  

Page object models from your existing automation frameworks can also be imported in a single click. Building new automated tests is then as simple as selecting actions and objects is then as simple as selecting actions and objects from drop-down menus, and assigning them to logical steps in the system model. QA and business teams without scripting knowledge can begin automating their own tests, while automation engineers can enhance their existing tests for maximum testing rigour, using powerful mathematical algorithms to generate the smallest set of tests needed for optimal coverage. 

You can push the optimised tests to Sauce Labs for execution in a single click. This enables high-performance, cross-platform testing in the cloud, with the full range of reporting and analysis provided by Sauce Labs. The results can simultaneously be analysed in the Test Modeller, and synchronised across DevOps pipelines, keeping everyone up-to-date and enabling granular analysis.

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