Rapid Test Case Modelling

Using the UI Recorder to automate and optimise existing test activity

Introduce script-less test automation, shorten test cycles, and drive up rigour with the UI Recorder. Automatically model systems from recorded activity and quickly generate a set of automated tests that are optimised for time and risk.

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The UI Recorder is browser-extension that runs invisibly in the background to capture manual or automated test activity. The accurate models come equipped with everything needed for automated testing, including test data and message traffic. They can be imported directly into Test Modeller, applying automated algorithms to reduce the number of tests while covering the same application logic in minutes.

Testers can then begin building additional logic around the visual models, before automatically creating a more rigorous set of test cases based on time and risk factors. They can automatically execute the tests without complex scripting, reducing cycle times and driving up the rigour of testing. If the system changes, testers only need to update the central models to maintain the automated tests and data, introducing all the rigour of Model-Based Testing to short test iterations.

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