Test Modeller and Sauce Labs

From application scans to test execution in minutes

Generate rigorous automated tests and data in minutes using Test Modeller, pushing the optimised scripts to Sauce Labs for high-speed, parallel execution. Eradicate the bottlenecks associated with your test automation framework, rapidly executing coverage-optimised tests across a wide-range of devices and platforms.

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Manual test scripting more trouble than it’s worth?

Automated test execution is necessary to perform the quantity of tests required by today’s applications, and cloud-based platforms like Sauce Labs further allow you to execute automated tests continuously against a full-range of devices and platforms. This high-speed, parallel execution facilitates rigorous and realistic testing in-sprint, mitigating the risk of costly bugs in production.

However, test automation frameworks often introduce a range of manual processes, often outweighing time saved during execution. Engineers frequently script tests by hand, but a high volume of repetitive tests are required for acceptable test coverage. Test data must then be found or created for each test, consuming more time within an iteration. Brittle scripts must further be checked every time the system is updated, and soon the time saved during execution is outweighed by the time spent creating and maintaining tests.

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Move from application scans to test execution in minutes

Test Modeller eradicates the need to script tests manually, generating page objects directly from application scans. Testers with or without coding backgrounds can quickly select the elements that they want to test, chaining executable automation modules together to create easy-to-use flowcharts. Automated algorithms then identify the smallest set of automated tests needed for optimal coverage, generating a rigorous test suite. Dynamic test data is furthermore tagged automatically as the scanned modules are imported, so that data for every test is resolved automatically as the executable test scripts are compiled.


The rigorous automated tests can be pushed to Sauce Labs in a single click. Sauce Labs performs the tests at speed in the cloud, executing them in parallel across a comprehensive range of platforms and devices. Granular analytics and visual reporting makes it easy to analyse test results, which are simultaneously synchronised in Test Modeller and across DevOps pipelines. You can avoid the overly manual processes introduced by test automation, testing fast-changing applications rigorously and realistically within an iteration.

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Model-Based Test Automation for Sauce Labs

Watch this short example of testing a web UI to see how:

  1. Testers with or without coding backgrounds can quickly select elements that they want to test, using an application scanner to generate Python, C# or Java code.

  2. A drag-and-drop rapidly chains together the scanned automation modules, creating clear and complete models of the system under test.

  3. Test Modeller intelligently identifies the positive and negative logic associated with each element as they are dragged to the flowchart models, rapidly defining the full range of scenarios that need to be tested.

  4. Test data is identified and tagged automatically as elements are imported, both by scraping data from the page and using intelligence to specify dynamic test data functions.

  5. Mathematical coverage algorithms generate the smallest set of tests needed for optimal coverage, testing the full range of positive and negative scenarios rigorously.

  6. Dynamic test data resolves “just in time” as automated tests are compiled, quickly generating up-to-date test data for every automated test.

  7. Tests are pushed to Sauce Labs for execution in a couple of clicks, rapidly performing tests in the cloud.

  8. Test execution across a full range of devices and browsers enables rigorous and realistic testing prior to release.

  9. Self-healing page objects update their own identifiers after a change is made to the application, while objects can be rescanned rapidly to maintain tests in minutes.


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