Rapid test automation generation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Rapidly build test automation frameworks for custom Dynamics 365 implementations, converting UI scans into visual models, optimized test cases and executable test scripts. Test Modeller avoids test creation bottlenecks for Dynamics 365, protecting business-critical CRMs, ERPs and Commerce systems from costly bugs.

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Is your bottom line dependent on an untested commerce system?

Organisations globally rely on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for their critical ERP, CRM and commerce systems. Rigorous testing is imperative for these business-critical operations, but test teams frequently struggle to keep up with updates made to customized Dynamics implementations. With each rapid Microsoft release, there is no time to complete sufficient regression testing manually. Yet, manually scripting and maintaining automated tests is likewise too time-consuming and brittle, leaving teams struggling to maintain complex frameworks and data for different implementations. To avoid the unforeseen impacts of updates on customized Dynamics 365 systems, a rapid, optimised and automated approach is needed when creating automated Dynamic 365 tests.

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Build rigorous test automation frameworks for Dynamics 365

Using Test Modeller, organisations enjoy all the innovation of rapid Dynamics 365 releases, while avoiding the risk of breaking business-critical implementations. A UI scanner and code generation engine remove the time lost analyzing complex UIs and scripting repetitive tests, quickly generating a library of reusable automation objects. The scanned objects are rapidly converted into intuitive flowcharts of the Dynamics 365 system, applying rules to auto-model the logic associated with each scanned element. This quickly builds logically comprehensive models of the commerce systems, applying automated coverage algorithms to generate rigorous test sets. Test Modeller pushes the optimized tests to project management systems and automation frameworks, de-risking changes made to critical systems.

Test Automation Generation for Dynamics 365

As customized implementations of Dynamics 365 change, it’s quick and simple to rescan elements and update existing automation objects. Product owners, BAs and engineering teams can collaboratively generate automated tests for multiple Dynamics 365 implementations, keeping bugs away from the custom workflows and integrations that their organizations depend on.

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De-risk changes to business-critical CRM, ERP and Commerce systems

Watch this demo of automated Selenium test generation for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce system and discover how: 

  1. A UI scanner removes the time and complexity associated with test scripting for Dynamics 365, automatically identifying locators and generating implementation code for scanned elements.

  2. Test Modeller rapidly builds intuitive models of scanned Dynamics applications, auto-building logic associated with scanned elements to drive rigorous test generation.

  3. Automated test case generation creates and exports the smallest set of tests needed to “cover” the modelled logic, finding defects before they can impact business-critical operations.

  4. Test Modeller’s customizable code generation engine auto-generates scripts directly from the visual flows, pushed to integrated frameworks and CI/CD pipelines for continuous testing.

  5. Updating automation code as critical systems change is quick and simple, using the application scanner to maintain identifiers for different implementations of Commerce systems.


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