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Test Data Automation and Windocks

Complete and compliant data, pushed to containers in seconds

Test Data Automation and Windocks combine to provide complete and compliant data for testing complex systems in-sprint. The versioned data sets are virtualised and cloned to containers in seconds, leveraging high-speed generation, masking and subsetting to test rigorously in short iterations.

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Test data “provisioning” has fallen behind modern development

Traditional test data management cannot keep pace with development today, forcing testing ever-further behind releases. Developers now leverage APIs, code libraries and containers to rip-and-replace re-usable components. DevOps-ready test data solution must provide versioned and interrelated data for these intricate mixes of technologies. Manually copying data to test environments is simply too slow and requires prohibitively costly infrastructure. The historic production data further lacks the diverse data needed for rigorous testing, leaving production systems exposed. To test rigorously in-sprint, test data must also embrace containerisation, automated deployment and “the world of the API”.

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DevOps-ready data: Complete, compliant and on demand

Test Data Automation and Windocks combine to provide complete, compliant and on demand data for testing fast-changing system components. Windocks virtualises and clones data in seconds, minimising infrastructure costs and provisioning time as data moves on demand to containers. Test Data Automation masks, subsets and synthetically augments the data as it is containerised on demand, ensuring that parallel teams and automation frameworks have the rich data they need to test in-sprint. Testers and developers can work seamlessly from isolated, containerised data sets, quickly ripping-and-replacing the data sets they need to deliver quality software in short sprints.

TDA windocks

Both Windocks and Test Data Automation provide intuitive web portals, allowing testers and developers to spin up the containerised data they need on demand. Adding data generation, masking and subsetting is as quick and simple as filling in fields in customisable web forms, spinning up the exact data sets required for rapid and rigorous testing. The rapid and re-usable test data jobs can further be exposed to CI/CD pipelines and test automation frameworks, resolving on-the-fly as tests are created and run. This ensures that every test, tester and developer has the exact data combinations they need, exactly when and where they need them, delivering quality software in short iterations.

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Testers and developers rip-and-replace the exact data sets they need

Watch this short demo showing how Test Data Automation augments databases containerised by Windocks with rich synthetic data, and discover how:

  1. Windocks provides an intuitive web portal for creating containerised databases in seconds, regardless of the size of the data.

  2. On demand database virtualisation and cloning replaces slow provisioning and costly infrastructure, providing parallel teams and frameworks with the data they need.

  3. Testers and developers can quickly filter the databases included in on demand containers, accurately testing and developing against different technologies.

  4. Defining a Windocks image is as simple as providing a Docker file, spinning up as many containers as needed to deliver quality software on time and within budget.

  5. The Windocks containers are available within Test Data Automation‘s test data catalogue, using simple web forms to access the right data, at the right time.

  6. Test Data Automation seamlessly generates, masks, subsets and clones data as it's pushed to containers, providing complete and compliant data for testing in-sprint.

  7. The on-demand data generation provides all the combinations needed to find bugs earlier and at less cost to fix, and is as simple as proving parameters into a web from.

  8. Test Data Masking removes sensitive information from production databases, ensuring testers and developers have the data they need, without compliance risks.

  9. Data subsetting reduces the total size of data while retaining the relationships and spread of values, reducing the size of test runs without reducing rigour.

  10. Automated test data “Find and Makes” find the exact combinations needed in testing, making missing combinations needed to find bugs pre-release.

  11. All of Test Data Automation’s high-speed utilities are embeddable in test automation and CI/CD pipelines, resolving as tests run to eliminate test data bottlenecks.


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