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Import Swagger and OpenAPI to Test Modeller

Rapidly convert API specifications into automated tests

Take the time and complexity out of API test creation, deliver accurately built, fully tested systems in short iterations. Test Modeller rapidly converts API specifications into executable test automation code, using visual models to build rigorous end-to-end test scenarios.

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Manual test scripting cannot match the speed or complexity of API-based development

APIs have revolutionised development, allowing organisations to build software faster than ever before. The combined complexity of systems today calls for new approaches in testing, matching the speed of modern development. Testers can no longer analyse requirements, converting them into tests and data by hand. API specifications are impenetrable, while it is too slow and unsystematic to design API tests manually, converting them to code for test automation frameworks. With service-oriented architecture, there is simply too much logic contained in the combined components. Manually building tests hits only a fraction of these scenarios, while finding consistent data for end-to-end testing is near-impossible. Testing today’s systems in-sprint instead requires rapid, rigorous and maintainable test design.


Generate rigorous API tests directly from API specifications

With Test Modeller, testers can move from API specifications to executable tests in a few simple tests, using visual flows to design rigorous end-to-end tests. A Swagger and OpenAPI importer automatically creates test functions for open source, commercial and homegrown frameworks. Rigorous test design is then as quick and simple as dragging-and-dropping the automation functions to visual flows, assembling the methods into end-to-end test scenarios. Hitting “generate” automatically creates the smallest set of API tests and data needed to test the visual flows, detecting bugs before they can devastate business-critical APIs.

rapid test case

Test Modeller’s code generation engine converts the rigorous test cases into automated tests, pushed to existing frameworks and source control systems. Run results are updated automatically in the logically precise flows, allowing test and development teams to pinpoint the root cause of failed tests. Together, testers and developers can collaborate closely to deliver accurately built, fully tested software in short iterations. Software organisations can take full advantage of the velocity and flexibility provided by APIs, delivering quality to production with each rapid release.

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Rapidly and rigorously test complex combinations of APIs in-sprint

Watch this short example of Test Modeller testing the Petstore API to discover how:

  1. Test Modeller automatically imports from Swagger and OpenAPI, converting API specifications into executable test code without cumbersome test scripting.

  2. An intuitive function editor specifies test parameters and assertions in simple web forms, hitting “run” to test quickly that functions produce the correct response.

  3. code generation engine converts each endpoint function to scripts in open source, commercial and homegrown frameworks, moving from specifications to automation in a few simple steps.

  4. Dragging-and-dropping the functions rapidly designs end-to-end scenarios in visual flows, quickly building the test logic needed to test complex combinations of API calls rigorously.

  5. “Fast Modelling” automatically identifies the equivalence classes and data associated with each function as its added to the flow, defining complete and consistent data for end-to-end testing.

  6. Automated test generation creates the smallest set of API tests and data needed to cover the flowchart logic, hitting a full range of endpoints with a rich spread of requests.

  7. Test Modeller pushes the rigorous tests as custom code to bespoke frameworks in source control systems, rapidly and rigorously testing complex APIs in short iterations.

  8. Run results are displayed visually in the logically precise flowcharts, helping developers to fix bugs found by the rigorous tests before the next rapid release.


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