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Test Modeller for Perfecto

Continuous Test Automation Across Platforms and Devices

Test complex systems completely in short iterations, generating optimised tests for execution across a complete range of devices and platforms. Test Modeller and Perfecto enable cross-functional teams to test more system logic across more configurations, detecting and fixing more bugs before they can impact production quality.

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Testing lagging behind development? 

Test automation is only as fast as its slowest manual processes. Repetitive manual scripting, slow and inaccurate data provisioning and cumbersome test maintenance frequently force test execution later and later, sometimes many sprints after bugs have been introduced to production code. Manual test design and test data creation hits just a fraction of the copious scenarios needed for sufficient coverage, while maintaining brittle tests after a system changes often requires more time than one iteration offers. Meanwhile, in-house infrastructure and manual environment set-up can never test all possible combination of browser, device and operating system, exposing systems to further costly bugs in production. 


Test Rigorously In Short Iterations 

Perfecto and Test Modeller combine to test complex systems completely in short iterations, executing auto-generated tests across a complete range of devices and platforms. Coders and non-coders can collaborate to generate automated tests for complex systems, using application scanners and code from existing automation frameworks. Model-based test design combines these automation objects ieasy-to-use flowcharts, using a customisable code generation engine to create optimised tests and data in seconds.

Perfecto test automation Pushing the comprehensive tests to Perfecto executes them across devices and platforms, with advanced test reporting to repair bugs quickly before a release. As the system changes, updating the models re-generates tests, pushing them to Perfecto and CI/CD pipelines for rigorous testing in-sprint. 

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Test more, find more, fix more

Watch this short demo of testing a web UI using Test ModellerPerfecto, and one of Curiosity’s Open Source Automation Frameworks to discover how:

  1. Test Modeller’s application scanner automatically builds page objects and executable test code, avoiding time lost to repetitive test scripting.

  2. Drag-and-drop model design automatically builds equivalence classes for the scanned elements, rapidly building logically complete models to drive rigorous test generation.

  3. Automated test design creates the smallest set of tests needed to cover the modelled logic, detecting bugs earlier and at less cost to fix.

  4. customizable code generation engine pushes automated tests to open source, commercial and homegrown frameworks, assigning data on-the-fly to avoid data provisioning bottlenecks.

  5. Re-usable subflows let QA teams and business users combine system components visually, reliably generating consistent tests and data for end-to-end and integration testing.

  6. Perfecto executes the end-to-end scenarios across devices, operating systems and browsers, detecting bugs across a wide-range of possible production configurations.

  7. A “single pane of glass” portal in Perfecto provides granular, advanced test reporting, with noise filtering, root cause analysis, videos and screenshots for fixing the cause of bugs quickly.

  8. Updating the central models regenerates test suites, pushing up-to-date test suites to automation frameworks and CI/CD pipelines for rigorous testing in short iterations. 


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