Test Modeller and Sauce Labs with Cypress

Scan UIs, generate models, and create optimized tests for fast-changing UIs. Test Modeller removes bottlenecks in test automation scripting and test maintenance, generating and pushing targeted tests to Sauce Labs for continuous testing across devices, browsers, and operating systems.

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‘Manual’ Test Automation Leaves Systems Exposed to Costly Bugs

Rigorous software testing today must test more than ever, faster than ever before. Complex systems change rapidly, as parallel developers and CI/CD pipelines alter and create new code. Automated testing must further account for shifting user and production behaviours, including the range of devices, applications, and operation systems that will interact with systems. There is simply more today than could ever be tested before the next release, demanding a rapid and systematic approach to targeted test creation. Brittle, skill intensive, and time-consuming test scripting and environment configuration cannot keep up with rapid change, leaving systems exposed to costly bugs. A new approach is needed to maintain rigorous automated tests, executed in-sprint across a wide range of devices and systems.

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Generate and run optimized Cypress tests across devices and browsers

Using Test Modeller and Sauce Labs, cross-functional teams can generate rigorous in-sprint tests for fast-changing UIs, executed automatically across cloud-based devices, browsers, and operating systems. Repetitive and time-consuming UI test scripting is replaced by a UI scanner and model-based test generation, seamlessly re-using code from scripted automation frameworks and converting UI scans automatically into visual flowcharts. Optimised test generation then creates the smallest set of tests needed for rigorous UI testing, applying coverage algorithms and risk-based techniques to “rightsize” testing based on application changes.


Executing the targeted tests in the Sauce Labs cloud automatically tests across devices, browsers, and operating systems, rigorously testing critical UIs before every rapid release. Testers and developers can test continuously as complex systems change, updating central flowcharts to re-generate tests for Selenium, Cypress, Appium, and more. Cross-functional teams can avoid bottlenecks in automated test creation and test data provisioning, finding and fixing UI bugs before they impact each rapid release.

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Import scripts and UI scans to generate optimized automated tests

Watch this short example of web UI testing using Test Modeller with Cypress and Sauce Labs, to discover how:

  1. Test Modeller provides flexible and intuitive connectivity into Test Automation Frameworks, source control systems and CI/CD pipelines, seamlessly generating tests into existing infrastructure.

  2. An easy-to-use UI scanner automatically generates reusable page objects, identifiers and modules for a range of frameworks, accelerating test creation for new and changing applications.

  3. Synchronizing bespoke code from existing automation frameworks provides a library of reusable objects for model-based test generation, retaining all the flexibility of custom scripting.

  4. Test Modeller automatically converts scanned test logic and user journeys into intuitive visual flowcharts, quickly creating logically complete models to generate rigorous automated tests.

  5. Hitting “generate” automatically creates coverage-optimised tests into existing automation frameworks and code repositories, avoiding test scripting and maintenance bottlenecks.

  6. Test Modeller automatically pushes rigorous Cypress tests to the Sauce Labs cloud and saucectl command line interface, testing automatically across devices, operating systems and browsers.

  7. Sauce Labs logs and videos the automated tests and run results, with Sauce Labs artifacts automatically synchronized to the Test Modeller dashboard.

  8. As complex systems change, updating central flowcharts in Test Modeller regenerates and targets optimised in-sprint tests, finding bugs before they impact new releases.


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