Rapid and repeatable test data allocation with Test Data Automation

Find or make the data needed for every test, provisioning it to testers automatically and on demand.

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Manually finding test data undermines agility and rigour

Good testing and development requires high quality, varied data, and QA teams require the data to satisfy every test, ready on demand in their test environments. However, testers often instead spend hours searching manually in copious copies of data, looking for the exact data combinations they need for their tests.

This is a slow and complex task, leading to testing bottlenecks and undermining testing quality. The complex test data must be consistent across databases and systems, and many test failures arise from incorrect data rather than defects. This laborious search for data is often repeated, after data is frustratingly lost to a data refresh or is cannibalized by another team. Manually finding data is also not a repeatable or re-usable process, and further testing time is wasted as teams repeatedly perform the same manual finds.

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The data testers need, when and where they need it

Test Data Allocation from Test Data Automation finds or makes the data needed for every test, provisioning it to test environments on demand.

The high-speed data allocation uses repeatable, automated queries, that are fully customizable in a one-off configuration. This enables the rapid provisioning of data sets that match the latest tests exactly. Test data is further linked to specific test cases, and can be locked to avoid its consumption by another tester, avoiding repeated effort and testing bottlenecks.

Test Data Allocation from Test Data Automation deploys the concept of “find and make” to ensure testing rigour. New data will be created automatically and fed into test databases where none exists, while existing data will be checked for validity when it is provisioned. This allocates all the data needed for stable test automation, ready when and where test teams need it.

Customisation of the standard queries means that data can be found or made for complex test requirements. Test data can be identified across multiple back-end databases for cross-system testing, while data can be linked from one test to another. QA teams have exactly the data they need, when they need it, regardless of how complex their environment is.

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Rapid and repeatable test data provisioning

Watch this example of test data allocation for an SQL database to see how:

  1. A high-performance utility can be configured easily to hunt for data from across back-end databases, via APIs, the application or by parsing reports.

  2. Test data can be allocated and gated to specific test cases, ensuring that testers have the data they need for every test, without data constraints or cannibalization.

  3. Data allocation can assign test data to manual testers or be linked directly to automation, avoiding testing bottlenecks and automated test failures.

  4. Test Data Automation automatically generates any missing data needed for rigorous testing, injecting the complete data directly into the database, or via an API or front end application.

  5. The standardized “find and make” queries can be defined easily, and are readily repeatable for rapid test data allocation.

  6. Test data can be found automatically across multiple back-end databases, providing accurate data with which to test complex systems rigorously.

  7. Data can be fed into Application Lifecycle Management and test management tools, providing access to the data testers need, when and where they need.


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