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Visual UI Testing using Test Modeller and Applitools Eyes

Model-Based Test Automation. Automatically generate rigorous UI tests that call Applitools Eyes for visual validation.

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Model-Based Test Automation

Test Modeller makes testing complex applications simple, using a visual, Model-Based approach. Automation objects and data are stored in a shared repository, creating new tests using a “fill-in-the-blanks” approach. Easy-to-use flowchart modelling and automated, coverage-driven test design then combine the objects into the smallest set of automated tests needed for maximum testing rigour. Custom objects can be created or imported from existing frameworks, with a small core of automation engineers providing the flexibility needed to test complex applications using a “low code” approach.  

The result is automated testing that detects more bugs first time round, and can react to fast-changing applications – simply update the models to update the automated tests and data, avoiding time-consuming test maintenance. 

Test Modeller enables a “single pane of glass” approach, driving automation across a range of frameworks. This execution can include Applitools Eyes, and including visual assertions is as easy as specifying your Applitools API key. Single Pane of Glass execution allows you to avoid vendor lock and test with full flexibility across platforms and complex multi-tier architecture, using the combination of automation tools that best suit the needs each test run. 

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Single Pane of Glass Automation

In this short example of mobile testing against an Android App, you will see how: 

  1. Page objects from existing frameworks can be brought into Test Modeller and made fully re-usable, syncing from existing .NET, Python, Java or C# frameworks.

  2. Easy-to-use visual flowcharts of the system under test are generated automatically from existing tests, requirements, recorded activity, and more. 

  3. A visual, “fill-in-the-gaps” approach allows anyone to create new automated tests quickly from the synchronised page object models. 

  4. Test data can be defined for every possible test, using over 500 dynamic functions that resolve during execution for always up-to-date data.

  5. Coverage-driven test design creates the smallest set of automated tests needed for testing rigour, including the negative scenarios and outliers that can cause the most severe defects.

  6. The optimised automated tests can be executed across a range of frameworks and platforms, including using Applitools Eyes for visual assertions.

  7. Laborious, time-consuming maintenance is replaced by simply updating the central models, and re-synchronising the tests.

  8. How subflows maximize re-usability, enabling those without a development background to create complete automated tests. 

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