Visualize and maintain your BDD with Test Modeller

Automatically generate rigorous tests and accurate specifications from Behaviour Driven scenarios. With Test Modeller, you can copy-and-paste Gherkin scenarios to visual models, maintaining a comprehensive set of tests, data, and automated tests for effective BDD.

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Visual BDD

Test Modeller imports Behaviour-Driven scenarios to accurate flowcharts, complete with Gherkin syntax. The precise models provide clear specifications to developers, reducing costly design defects and closely align business and IT. QA Teams can then generate optimised, automated tests directly from the same requirements models, for a truly test-driven approach to delivering quality software.

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Model-Based Development

Using Test Modeller for visual Behaviour Driven Development, you can:

  1. Copy-and-paste Gherkin scenarios and convert them to logically precise flowchart models. This consolidates the overlapping steps in the Behaviour-Driven requirements, while making it easier to spot missing or invalid logic can be spotted at a glance.

  2. Provision accurate and complete specifications to developers, working to eradicate the costly bugs that stem from the design phase.

  3. Generate a rigorous set of test cases from the models, using mathematical algorithms to maximise test coverage.

  4. Overlay test data and automation logic to generate a complete set of ready-to-execute tests, without complex scripting or manual data creation.

  5. Execute the test using existing frameworks and update the run results across DevOps pipelines automatically.

  6. Update your Behaviour-Driven models with our import and exporter, automatically updating all existing tests.

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