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Sustainable Test Automation Strategies to Maximise ROI



Efficient Automation

Your test automation rates are too low to match the speed of CI/CD, while suboptimal coverage is constantly letting bugs slip through. What do you do?

Many organisations treat this as a resourcing problem, often approaching services providers to navigate an automation skills shortage. Yet, hiring more people to perform the same processes is unsustainable, as the demand for automation persists sprint-over-sprint. In-house testing further risks growing dependent on a scripted framework that they can’t easily access or target for coverage. They risk throwing money constantly at external engineers to write repetitive scripts, fix brittle tests, and source test data. These suboptimal processes must be fixed first – people alone cannot fix test automation ROI.

This webinar will explore approaches to sustainable test automation that grows more efficient sprint-over-sprint, while targeting testing to de-risk the latest system changes. Nalin Parbhu, CEO of Infuse, and Curiosity’s George Blundell will draw on automation project experience from a range of different organisations. They will discuss collaborative approaches that automate processes surrounding test execution, while maximising reusability and optimising in-sprint test coverage. You will see solutions to perennial test automation barriers, including:

  1. Collaborative test modelling, future proofing automation frameworks by maintaining intuitive living documentation.

  2. In-sprint test and data generation, rapidly creating scripts from reusable flowchart models.

  3. Automated test maintenance, targeting in-sprint coverage as requirements and systems change.


About the speakers

George Blundell


George Blundell is a Technical Analyst at Curiosity, where he collaborates closely with organizations on high-priority test automation initiatives. George implements and supports model-based approaches to generating, optimizing, and maintaining rigorous automated tests while supporting close collaboration between stakeholders from across the development lifecycle.

Nalin Parbhu


With 20+ years’ experience in software engineering, Nalin Parbhu is an expert in Process and Technical Testing. He founded Infuse in 2002. Infuse helps organisations get the most out of their software with solutions and tools for DevOps, Continuous Testing and Assurance. Their talented organisation and team have delivered over 500 projects since 2002 and are experts and leaders in this area. 


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