A Whole Team Approach to Software Quality 

Avoid five common causes of IT project failure.

Discover how cross-functional collaboration can lead the way in agile software development.



Unlock Agile Software Development

Build a culture of quality, from requirements to release
  1. Silos, miscommunication, and overly-manual processes throughout the SDLC contribute to an over-abundance of IT project failures today.

  2. Creating a shared point of collaboration for cross-functional teams reduces the impact of poor user stories and enables the rapid generation of optimised tests.  

  3. Collaboratively maintaining agile requirements in visual flowcharts provides developers with the logically clear requirements they need to develop quality systems at speed.

  4. The same flowcharts generate tests, scripts and data, removing QA bottlenecks to deliver rigorously tested software in short sprints.

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Executive summary


Too many IT projects fail, are delivered late, or run over budget. This eBook sets out how cross-functional collaboration can avoid five common challenges in software delivery. It discusses how teams can collaboratively improve user stories before they damage code, with “shift left” testing catching potentially costly requirements bugs as they arise. The same “living documentation” can furthermore be used to generate optimised test cases, scripts and data. Testers and developers can work in parallel from an agreed picture of fast-changing systems, accurately building and rigorously testing complex systems before every rapid release.


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