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Test Data Automation logo Faster Software Delivery 

Shorten release cycles with on demand data. Don’t waste development time waiting for, finding, and making test data.

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faster software delivery



Shorter Release Cycles

finance copy

A Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

Moved from taking 1+ days to provision test data, to on demand data access.

bank copy

A Global Top 10 Central Bank

One project reduced test data provisioning time by 50% and decreased costs by 70%.

domain copy

A Global 2000 Financial Services Company

Replaced manual data provisioning that took up to 5 days with automated data “find and makes”.

domain copy

A Global 2000 Financial Services Company

Replaced manual data provisioning that took up to 5 days with automated data “find and makes”.


Can you automate as quickly as EVERFI?

Infuse Logo-1

50% Better Test Coverage

Using Test Modeller, testers and BAs at a $300 million telco start-up generated Jira tests and automated UI tests directly from BPMN requirements.

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ThinkDonate Rectangle-1

25x Reduction in Test Volume

ThinkDonate auto-generated targeted tests into their REST Assured framework, using test results to formulate accurate API specifications.

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Selenium test generation at a large bank-1

25x Faster Test Creation

At a large bank, it had taken 10 testers two months to script 800 tests. With Test Modeller, one tester created 1000 Selenium tests in a single month.

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How Much Time are You Losing to Test Data?

Your test and development teams could be spending 20% of their time to data-related activities, and some research places this figure far higher. Test data bottlenecks and toil block rapid releases, while undermining parallel ways of working and true agility. 

Test data providers and tools often focus on the time taken to provision data copies to non-production environments. Yet, many repetitive tasks waste even more time once unwieldy data sets have been provisioned. How much time do you test and development teams lose to test data toil?  


Hunting for Data in Over-Sized Data Copies

self provision

Manually Making Missing Data Combinations


Waiting for Data in Shared Environments

timer-sync copy

Waiting for Data Refreshes and Environments

database-alert copy

Investigating Test Failures Caused by Used Up Data


Investigating Test Failures Caused by Invalid Data

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Test Data Automation Accelerates Development

These low-value activities build until they consume a substantial chunk of development time, blocking any attempt at DevOps, Continuous Delivery, or rapid software releases.  

Test Data Automation moves organisations from slow data provisioning and manual conditioning, to streaming accurate data in real time. Testers, developers and automation frameworks can self-provision the data they need on demand, from full environment refreshes, to allocating exact combinations as tests run. 

Real Time Test Data

A range of integrated test data activities accelerate software delivery and shorten release cycles, serving rich test data to parallel teams and frameworks on-the-fly: 


Data for Test Automation and CI/CD

Automated testing, CI/CD, and “agile” ways of working demand continuous data that’s available in parallel. Otherwise, feature teams and squads wait idly for data and environments, and “parallelised” tests fail due to invalid or used-up data. 

Test Data Automation provides accurate data combinations in parallel and on demand, enabling agile ways of working and scalable test automation. Test frameworks, engineers and CI/CD pipelines can all trigger automated test data activities, which resolve just in time to provide self-service data. This includes a range of activities for providing parallel data without constraints: 

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Eliminate Test Data Bottlenecks

A fit-for-purpose test data strategy must align with your delivery methodologies and release cyclces. Learn more in this short video from Rich Jordan: