Test Data Automation vs Legacy Test Data Management Tooling

Curiosity believe that Test Data Automation offers a valuable and viable alternative to your legacy test data management (TDM) tooling. We also offer veteran test data experts to support your roll-out, with a team that have founded and worked together at multiple test data specialists since 1995.

Below, we summarise the frustrations that we hear from organisations seeking an alternative to their current test data tooling, providing side-by-side analysis of how we believe migrating to Test Data Automation can resolve them.

To learn more about migrating quickly to Test Data Automation, read our migration playbook for an example migration plan, comparison to legacy TDM tooling, and example ROI metrics.

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Current functionality

By its nature, “legacy” tooling’s functionality can fall behind evolving user needs. Organisations seeking alternatives to legacy TDM tooling often express a set of common concerns. These all make sense in the context of defunded tools that are slipping further behind evolutions in technology and delivery methodologies.

Concern with legacy TDM tooling

With Test Data Automation

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