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the time for a new test data paradigm is now


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the time for a new test data paradigm is now

In this meetup, Huw Price, Managing Director at Curiosity Software Ireland, talks about how test data requirements are evolving and why now is the time for a new test data paradigm.

The talk discusses the reasons why we should care about test data and the things that have changed in the testing landscape. In this session, Huw sets out why test data is an essential part of testing quality and speed while also discussing possible ramifications of GDPR for test data.

Today, data hungry frameworks and CI/CD pipelines consume more data and faster. Furthermore, complex systems need testing in ever-short iterations, requiring more complex test data to match evolving test suites. Data is required at the forefront of testing and throughout the testing process, making test data management challenging. Huw offers a solution, providing a live demo using ‘Test Data Automation’.

The demo of ‘Test Data Automation’ will show you the possibility of continuous “just in time” data delivery and the ability to allocate data on the fly during CI/CD pipelines and DevOps toolchains.

This talk was delivered in the DevOps Bunker on the 1st of July, 2020.

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key takeaways

You will come away from this talk with an understanding of the value of test data automation. You will see:

  1. Gain an understanding of why test data is essential to all members of a software delivery team, from product owners to QAs.

  2. See the changes to the test data landscape and form an understanding of the different strengths and weaknesses to modern approaches.

  3. See how ‘Test Data Automation’ can help solve test data shortcomings, from GDPR compliance, speed and availability.


About the speakers

Huw Price_Curiosity Software Ireland


Huw Price is a test data management veteran and a serial entrepreneur, now founder of his fifth software start-up. Huw’s 30 years of experience in software delivery has brought collaboration with a wide-range of organisations, large and small. He has crafted strategies and innovative technologies for test data success, on projects ranging from large-scale migrations from mainframe to open systems, to building best-of-breed test automation frameworks for microservices. 


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