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The information you provide will help us tailor your Test Modeller trial to your needs.  

A dedicated Curiosity representative will get in touch to discuss your testing and development requirements. They will propose a roadmap and learning materials for your bespoke trial experience.

Your 14-Day Trial Includes:

☑️Unlimited Users

☑️Unlimited Test Generation

☑️Test Automation for Web, Mobile, API and Mainframe

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A Personalized Evaluation

Applying for a trial allows us to evaluate your requirements, offer a tailored experience, and help you get the most from your Test Modeller evaluation. You will receive:

A Personalized Trial

Evaluate Your Modelling Needs

We’ll help define your success criteria and tailor the trial to your organisation’s requirements. A personalised experience allows you to evaluate how well Test Modeller fulfils your needs in model-based testing, requirements engineering, test automation and beyond.

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Dedicated Support

Shorten Time to Value

You’ll work with a dedicated rep to ensure that you get the most from your free trial period. Our modelling and testing experts will advise on best practices, drawing on expertise gained during numerous successful customer implementations.

Tailored Learning

Become a Model-Based Expert

A dedicated support rep will help you gain Test Modeller skills quickly, effectively assessing Test Modeller’s value within your 14-day free trial. They will share the documentation and tutorials you need to measure how Test Modeller fulfils your needs.



On-Premise or Hosted Cloud

Sidestep Security Blockers

We’ll find the right deployment for your organisation’s security and installation requirements. Your dedicated support rep will help you get set up in Curiosity’s Community Cloud, or will guide you through an on-premise installation.


Customer Results and Benefits

Apply for a free trial to discover how you can improve your requirements, test continuously, and deliver better software, faster.

Which benefits will you achieve?


10x Faster Test Case Design

A large telecommunications company reduced JIRA test creation time 10x, and boosted test coverage by 50%.

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30,000x Faster Test Automation Creation

EVERFI reduced the time needed to create new automated tests from 1+ months to minutes.

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23x Reduction in Test Volume

ThinkDonate identified 324 possible API tests in a Test Modeller flowchart, generating the 14 tests needed for optimal test coverage.

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Perfect Requirements and Collaboration

Requirements models drive less-buggy development, generate in-sprint tests, and provide a point of collaboration for cross-functional teams.

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