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Test Modeller for Postman

Avoid time spent analysing complex API specifications and scripting complex API tests, autogenerating comprehensive API tests and data. With Test Modeller for Postman, you can move rapidly from API specifications to comprehensive API tests, rigorously testing complex systems in short iterations.

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Is your testing ready for the “the age of the API”?

Development teams today use APIs to assemble complex systems faster than ever before, rapidly connecting in-house and third-party components. Test teams must ensure that these APIs deliver the right responses for every request, as otherwise systems come apart at the seam. However, API testing has introduced testing complexity and bottlenecks. The system “requirements” are rarely designed for easy analysis, written in impenetrable API specifications. Test scripting is furthermore slow and complex, while a rich spread of test data must be wrapped in complex message files. Yet, there are more possible data combinations, functions and endpoints than could ever be “covered” by manual test design, leaving business-critical systems exposed to bugs in many production scenarios.

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Generate complete API tests from intuitive flowcharts

Test Modeller rapidly converts swagger specifications into API test functions and data, using visual flowcharts to assemble comprehensive test scenarios. Automated test generation then produces a rigorous set of Postman scripts, minimising time lost to analysing complex API specifications and scripting complex API tests. The autogenerated tests are optimised to “cover” a full of spread of API calls and data, ensuring that API calls in production respond correctly to each response. With Test Modeller, cross-functional teams can collaborate to test complex APIs and message layers rigorously, delivering quality systems in short iterations.

Postman test generation with Test Modeller

Test Modeller for Postman allows test teams to move rapidly from API specifications to comprehensive tests and data. The time spent analysing complex Swagger or OpenAPI specifications is replaced by an automated importer, while complex scripting is handled by entering fields in an intuitive format editor. Test Modeller’s code generation engine furthermore generates JSON message data with embedded test data, pushed automatically to the body of Postman tests. Using Test Modeller, teams can move in short sprints from requirements to rigorous automated API tests, complete with comprehensive data and accurate assertions.

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From Swagger specifications to Postman tests in a few simple steps

Watch this short demonstration of testing the Petstore API using Postman and Test Modeller, to discover how:

  1. Test Modeller eliminates the time spent analysing hard-to-read API specifications, automatically importing endpoints from Swagger files, complete with API calls and data.

  2. An intuitive function editor replaces time lost to slow and complex scripting, filling out fields in simple UIs to define test methods, JSON bodies, and accurate API test assertions.

  3. Visual flowcharts assemble the endpoints into complete test scenarios, applying automated “Fast Modelling” that identifies the data equivalence classes needed for API testing rigour.

  4. Automated API test generation identifies the smallest set of test cases needed to “cover” the modelled data journeys, rigorously testing each endpoint against a rich spread of API calls.

  5. Testing against a full spread of full spread of data combinations, functions and endpoints ensures that business-critical systems deliver the right responses for each request.

  6. Test Modeller’s code generation engine automatically pushes tests to Postman for execution, including the fully parameterised test data in JSON messages.

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