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Why Didn't You Test That?

The Curiosity Software Podcast featuring Huw Price and Rich Jordan! Together, they share their insight and expertise in driving software design and development in test. Learn how you can improve your journey to quality software delivery, by considering how much do you really understand about your systems, and when things inevitably go wrong, why didn’t you test that?

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Episode 7

The Model-Based Tester's Journey

Episode 7

In this episode, our hosts are joined by Gunesh Patil, Senior Technical Lead at Ushur, together, they discuss their model-based testing journeys!

Episode 8

The Liberated Tester's Mindset

Episode 8

In this follow-up episode with Gunesh Patil, The Liberated Tester, Rich and Gunesh share their insights into what it means to be a liberated tester and how they approached the adoption of agile methodologies!

Episode 4

Aligning Testing to Quality

Episode 4

In this episode, Marcus Merrell, Vice President of Technology at Sauce Labs, bring his experience to the podcast! Together with our hosts, Marcus Merrell discusses the lack of innovation in the testing space over the last 20 years, and why testing should be at the centre of quality efforts.

Critical Thinking in Test Design Why Didnt You Test That episode 5

Critical Thinking in Test Design

Episode 5

In this episode, Paul Gerrard, award-winning software engineering consultant, author and coach, brings his experience to the podcast! Together with our hosts, Paul Gerrard discusses the difficulties of organisational hierarchies, how to identify stakeholders and how to foster a central source of knowledge for testers.

Episode 6

The Impact of Virtualisation in Testing

Episode 6

In this episode, our hosts are joined by John Power, CEO of Ostia Solutions, together they share their experience with virtualisation in testing!

Why Didnt You Test That Episode 3 Thumbnail-1

Bad Data in Software Delivery

Episode 3

In this episode, Rich Jordan & Huw Price explore the concept of the data gambler and sceptic, the tension of using commercially live data in software delivery, and why ultimately it's all about the data as without test data there is no testing!

Podcast Episode 2-2

GDPR and What it Means for Software Testing & Delivery

Episode 2

In this episode of the Why Didn't You Test That Podcast, Rich Jordan, Huw Price and our first guest Tom Pryce, Communications Manager at Curiosity Software, discuss the implications of GDPR for software testing and delivery.

Podcast Landscape Graphic

Introduction & Organisational Change

Episode 1

In this pilot episode of the Why Didn't You Test That Podcast, Rich Jordan and Huw Price outline their 50+ combined years of experience, what to expect from this new podcast and invite you to join the conversation.


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