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Discover Model-Based Test Automation

In this five-part research series, you will discover how visual modelling can boost cross-team collaboration, automate away testing bottlenecks, and optimise testing to find more bugs in-sprint.

In Part 1, two eBooks set out how changes in people, process and technology can minimise barriers to quality across the whole SDLC.

Part 2 will then share five blogs, each highlighting a different benefit of model-based techniques for testing and QA.

In Part 3, join James Walker, Harry Burn and Cypress’ Gleb Bahmutov for a live demonstration of Model-Based Testing for Cypress! 

Part 4 will provide you with a set of articles highlighting how the value of model-based techniques extends across the entire software delivery lifecycle.

In the fifth and final part of our research, we will provide you with a list of experts and communities to follow as you continue your model-based testing journey.




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