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Curiosity Software look ahead to 5 events in their 2022 programme

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The live webinars and conference talks target pressing issues in software requirements, test automation, testing and test data.

Curiosity Software, specialists in software testing and development acceleration, announce two further events in a busy 2022 schedule. The live webinars and conference talks target challenges in software design, development, and testing. They're designed to help cross-functional teams deliver higher quality software, faster, and at less cost to the business.

The programme began with a live webinar on January 20th, co-hosted with Curiosity partners RCG Global Services. Curiosity's Managing Director, Huw Price, will team up with Niko Mangahas, Global Head of Quality Engineering at RCG, for "Solving Test Data: The Greatest Quality Engineering Bottleneck for Enterprises Today?" The event will help identify and present solutions to time-consuming and costly tasks in test data management. You can now watch on demand here.

From February 7th-11th, Curiosity's Chief Technology Officer, James Walker, will be attending Automation Guild 2022. James will join Marcus Merrell, Vice President of Technology Strategy at Sauce Labs, for "Stop Over-Testing! Taming The Combinatorial Explosion". The talk will explore how testing and automation teams can "rightsize" testing based on time and risk, targeting tests to deliver the greatest value in-sprint. Sign up here

James will then be heading to the QA Global Summit 2022 from February 15th-16th, joining Colin Hammond of ScopeMaster for "Testing Requirements: It's YOUR Responsibility". The session will identify the causes and impact of poor software requirements and sizing, discussing how shift left testing and test generation can combine to catch bugs earlier, and at less cost to fix. Secure your ticket here.

On March 17th, Curiosity will co-host another partner webinar, with Lemontree, as Huw further explores the removal of test data bottlenecks in "Test Data Automation: Move from slow and manual lookups to on-the-fly 'find and makes'". Sign up today.

From June 7th-10th, James and Huw will then be in Copenhagen to join Europe's largest testing conference for its 30th birthday. Huw will discuss potential legislative risks associated with test data practices in "Get sensitive data OUT of testing". James' talk, "Why Testing Should Make Its Models Explicit", will explore how model-based techniques support cross-team collaboration, faster test creation, and test optimisation. Join Curiosity in Copenhagen.

Curiosity will announce more webinars and events throughout 2022. Follow the Curiosity Software LinkedIn page to keep up with the latest announcements and check out the full list of upcoming and on demand Curiosity events.

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