Curiosity and Windocks announce Containerised Enterprise Test Data

Thomas Pryce

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Curiosity Software Ireland, creators of Enterprise Test Data, and Windocks, on demand database specialists, today announced a joint solution for delivering containerised test databases. The integration combines on-the-fly data masking and generation with rapid database cloning, producing virtual databases filled with rich test data.

Virtual database clones contain complete and compliant test data, reducing infrastructure costs, increasing visibility, and enabling rigorous testing in-sprint.

Organisations today are already realising the flexibility of containerised software deployment and API-driven development. Yet, the speed with which developers today can assemble new systems must be matched by rapid and rigorous testing. This presents a nightmare for traditional test data provisioning, as test data must reflect a constantly shifting configuration of complex components. It is simply too slow, complex and costly to provision all the physical database copies to test environments.

This is why Curiosity Software and Windocks have integrated Enterprise Test Data with containerised virtual data cloning. The joint solution finds, makes and generates all the data needed for rigorous testing, rapidly cloned into containerised test and development environments.

The on demand test data is comprehensive and compliant, leveraging “just in time” data masking and generation from Curiosity’s Enterprise Test Data. Fully versioned, virtual database cloning from Windocks then deploys the exact configuration of databases needed in seconds.

Test Data Automationa and Windocks_DevOps Ready Containerised Test DataWith the containerised solution, parallel test teams can quickly delete and restore the exact data configurations they need. Meanwhile, organisations enjoy greater visibility and control, along with the affordability of using virtual data instead of physical copies.

Huw Price, Managing Director of Curiosity Software Ireland, describes how:

“Development has shifted to containerisation, APIs and microservices. Developers today rapidly stitch together components to build systems at unprecedented speed. Testing requires data that reflects all of these technologies, making it too slow and costly to provision full copies of databases to test environments.”

Huw continues:

“Testing and development today instead requires rapidly configurable, easily deployable combinations of data. This is where containersiation comes in, applying the principles of modern development to test data.”

Paul Stanton, co-founder and Vice President of Windocks, describes how:

“Containerisation and data virtualisation allow organisations to provision affordable data copies, rapidly ripping out and replacing data to test different versions of complex systems. Yet, this requires complete and compliant test data to feed the rigorous tests, a frequent barrier to in-sprint testing.”

Paul adds:

“Curiosity’s Enterprise Test Data finds, makes and generates a complete spread of data combinations on-the-fly. This rich data can be deployed rapidly and affordably via Windocks, ready for rigorous testing without the delays associated with test data provisioning or database environment configuration.”

Watch the integration demo to learn more

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