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How Curiosity Accelerate Quality Software Delivery - Infographic

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Discover how Curiosity helps organisations delivery better quality software, faster. This infographic highlights key ways that Curiosity's tools, Test Modeller and Test Data Automation, can help improve your organisations software quality! 

This infographic highlights key ways that Curiosity's tools, Test Modeller and Test Data Automation, can help you build quality software! 

With over 25 years of experience in driving quality within enterprise organisations, our tools offer a diverse range of solutions for creating quality across your whole software delivery lifecycle:

Continuous Test Generation for your tools and frameworks. Curiosity’s Test Modeller allows you to generate test cases and automation scripts tailored to your frameworks and pipelines, all with complete test data. Through the use of modelling, continuous test generation is as simple as updating the visual models of your system, and then generating up-to-date test cases, data, and automated tests. This enbales you to optimize automation rates and eliminate test creation bottlenecks.

Test Data Automation provides complete, compliant and bottleneck-free data on-demand. Curiosity’s Test Data Automation enables seamless streaming of rich and compliant test data on-the-fly for testing, development, automation and CI/CD. Transform test data management at your organisation from sluggish and manual “provisioning”, to streaming rich data in real-time. This shift enables your teams and frameworks to access the necessary data precisely when they require it, revolutionizing their workflow efficiency.

Requirements Modelling helps you to build the right system the first time round, and eradicate bugs. By utilising Test Modeller for modelling, you can mitigate the risk of expensive defects and delays that arise from inadequate quality requirements. By building models of your complete system, you can establish a library of “living documentation”. This approach allows you to generate up-to-date user stories and specifications for rapid development. All of this is made simpler thanks to a range of importers, scanners, a UI recorder, and generative AI, so you can build models and automation at speed.

Coverage Optimisation allows you to generate the smallest set of tests needed for rigorous testing in-sprint. Test Modeller’s automated test coverage algorithms generate concise sets of test cases required for effective requirement coverage, or to focus at-risk logic during efficient and targeted testing. This approach enables you to streamline your testing process, so you can find bugs earlier and at less cost to fix. Coverage is further amplified through the use of Test Data Automation’s synthetic test data generation, which streams rich data on-demand for your tests, so you never lack the data required for complete rigorous testing.

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