Eggplant Functional Testing

Test Modeller for Eggplant Functional combines a state of the art automation framework with the rigour of Model-Based test generation, powerful test data management, and end-to-end execution using comprehensive connectors.

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Generate and Execute Rigorous Automated Tests

Testers quickly capture actions and objects using Eggplant, overlaying them onto easy-to-use BPMN-style models of the system logic in Test Modeller. Expected results are defined in the same model, while a complete range of powerful test data generation specify the data needed to execute every possible test. Mathematical coverage algorithms create the smallest set of tests needed to test the system, with the dynamic data functions resolved “just in time” as tests are executed.

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Test Automation: The Myth, The Reality


Test Modeller further provides a comprehensive range of connectors that, along with Eggplant Manager, allow automated test execution across all components of the system, and test information maintained across DevOps pipelines. The rigorous automated testing further keeps up with changing requirements: when a change occurs, testers simply need to recapture the page objects with Eggplant, update the model in Test Modeller, and regenerate the test.

Read the test automation solution page to find out more about how Test Modeller can introduce complete test automation that reacts to changing system requirements.


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