5 Reasons to Add Visual Modelling to your Delivery Lifecycles

Discover 5 reasons to add visual modelling to your delivery lifecycles, delivering accurately built, fully tested software in short iterations. These 5 short videos will tour you around Curiosity’s model-based system design and testing platform, Test Modeller.

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1. Automate More, Faster and Accurately

Discover how you can test fast-changing systems rigorously in-sprint, generating complete automated tests from quick-to-build models.

This quick overview shows you how Test Modeller eliminates the most pressing barriers to test automation adoptionfrom repetitious scripting and maintenance, to unavailable test data and a lack of re-usability. Coders and non-coders can collaborate to generate tests with matching data for open source, commercial and homegrown frameworks. The proven, model-based approach enables the automation levels required to deliver on time and within budget. See for yourself:

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2. Communicate, Collaborate, Automate

Test Modeller fosters close collaboration between system designers, developers and testers, maintaining up-to-date requirements models that generate matching automated test suites.  

Watch this short overview to see how Test Modeller minimizes costly defects and frustrating rework caused by miscommunications. Business and IT teams instead collaborate in parallel to build accurate models of the latest systemauto-generating the tests and data needed to catch bugs before they reach production. This requirements-driven approach provides developers with the up-to-date specifications they need to deliver in short iterations, with rigorous test suites to ensure the accuracy of every release.


3. Delay-Free Data for Every Test

Eliminate the Delays and Bugs associated with incomplete and unavailable test data, automatically finding and making rich data combinations as tests run. 

Test Modeller ensures that every test and tester has the data they need, exactly when and where they need it. Data generation functions and automated data lookups create data “just in time” as tests runs, using powerful data generation functions to create any missing combinations needed in testing. Developers and QA teams can work rapidly and in parallel, enjoying on tap access to the data they need to deliver fully tested software in short sprints.

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4. Minimize Maintenance, Test In-Sprint 

Rigorously test fast-changing systems before every release, detecting bugs when they require far less time and cost to fix. Test Modeller automatically updates tests and data as easy-to-maintain models change, executing rigorous test suites in short iterations. 

Watch this short video to see how Test Modeller minimises time-consuming manual test maintenance, generating comprehensive test scripts with up-to-date test data. Business and technical users can rapidly import the latest system requirements as tests to central models, identifying the impact of change requests across logically complex systems. Hitting ‘generate’ creates up-to-date test suites for a wide range of integrated test automation frameworks, while updating ALM and test case management tools for complete testing in-sprint.


5. The Perfect Test Cases, Built for You 

Automatically build exhaustive or risk-based tests, delivering quality software without the delay of manual test design. Test Modeller automatically generates the smallest set of test cases needed for optimal test coverage, exporting complete test and data to ALM tools, test case management systems and automation frameworks. 

Watch this short explainer to see how Test Modeller creates rigorous test suites from flowchart models that are quick-to-build and easy-to-maintain. The tests are optimised to focus on new or high-risk logic, or to cover complex systems comprehensively. Test Modeller further updates integrated ALM and test case management tools as test cases change, avoiding time lost creating and updating repetitive tests one-by-one. QA teams can instead focus on modelling new system logic, rigorously testing fast-changing systems in short iterations.

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