Visual Integration Processor or VIP

What is it? When would I use it? Why would I use it?

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Imagine creating solutions in hours not months or years.

Automate any process. Digitalise documents, fill out forms, move information from one place to another. Aggregate data, analyse data, automate email and chat updates. And much more.

VIP works with your existing technologies and files, to perform repetitious tasks for you, and make sure you have the information you need, when you need it.

In today’s world of plug and play, open interfaces and structured protocols, creating software should be a matter of assembling solutions.


What Can VIP Do For You?

It frees up your workforce to focus on delivering value to your business, its clients, and internal teams, not on manual processes.

Automate Manual Processes

letting high-performance bots perform repetitive tasks for you.


Digitalize Documents

upon arrival, removing the time and errors associated with manual data scraping.

Transform Data

and move it to relevant fields, automatically keeping teams and platforms up-to-date.


Aggregate and Analyze Information

arriving in emails, social media, web feeds, and more, with alerts curated to your needs.

Rapidly Integrate New Technologies

into automated workflows, to retain a competitive edge.


Create Seamless Communication

by auto-updating data across tools, sending updates to people who need to know about changes made.


How does VIP work?

Curiosity uses a visual and intuitive, drag and drop approach to add to our ever-growing library of automated business processes.

You can use the standard packs of processes, choosing from a flexible range of filters to quickly get the high-performance bots running in your world.

Need something completely new? Your technical teams can assemble their own re-usable processes quickly using the drag-and-drop approach, or Curiosity can quickly and accurately add new processes to the central libraries.


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