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2023 On Demand Webinars

Sogeti Webinar On Demand Header

The State of Test Data in 2022

New Challenges, Opportunities and The role of "AI"!

Lemontree Header on demand

Test Data Automation

Move from Slow and Manual Lookups to On-The-Fly "Find and Makes"!

Header Image on demand

Solving Test Data

The Greatest Quality Engineering Bottleneck for Enterprises Today?


2021 On Demand Webinars

Testing SAP Webinar on demand header

Testing Across SAP and Non-SAP Systems

From Test Data Compliance to Continuous Innovation!

Generate rigorous tests with Selectors Hub

Generate Rigorous Automated Tests

Leave Brittle Test Scripts Behind!

In-Sprint Testing webinar

In-Sprint Testing

Aligning Test and Teams to Rapidly Changing Systems!

on demand Data

Data Breaks DevOps

Why You Need Automated Test Data in CI/CD!

More Sprint Planning with ScopeMaster

More Sprint Planning Won't Fix It

Why do Requirements Still Let Quality Down?

derisking migration from cloud

De-Risking Migration from Mainframe to Cloud

Shifting Quality to The Start of Migration Projects!

Democratisation of testing new design

The Democratisation of Testing

Helping Your Teams Get The Most out of Their Tools and Time!

Development has moved on Windocks webinar

Development Has Moved On

Test Data Needs to Catch up With Containers, Microservices and "The World of the API"


2020 On Demand Webinars

Broken promise webinar Bloor

The Broken Promise of Test Automation

Why are we still Hand Cranking Tests?

In the beginning

In The Beginning There was a Model

Using Requirements Models to Drive Rigorous Test Automation!

Specialisterren Webinar 2

Code-Less Test Automation for Low-Code Apps!

Delivering Quality at the Speed of Low-Code Development!

ALM octane

Model-Based Testing for ALM Octane

Better Tests, Built Faster!

TDA speed-1

Test Data Automation

Delivering Quality at Speed!

TDA next gen-1

Test Data Automation

The Next Generation in Test Data Technologies!

Break the barrier

Break The Barrier to Continuous Testing

Generate Rich Data and Environments on Demand!

Open Banking and Beyond

To Open Banking and Beyond

Developing APIs that are Resilient to Every New Initiative!


2019 On Demand Webinars


Model-Based Test Automation

Automate More, Automate Faster, Automate Accurately!

UFT one

Model-Based Testing for UFT One and UFT Developer

Optimized Test Script Generation!